An Effective Tool to Recover Data from Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

Hard drive is a data storage device which contains millions of sectors. A sector is a smallest area on the hard disk or on its surface where a unit of information is saved. Sectors are sub-unit of hard drive track where each sector can store a fix amount of data like 512 bytes or 2048 bytes.

A Hard drive may also contain BAD sector which have been created due to several reasons like virus infection, power cut while accessing system, improper shutdown of system, etc. Bad sectors can be defined as, those areas or clusters of data which are not readable or writable on the hard disk or floppy disk because of which it lowers the performance of the system.

You might have stored some important data files like video files, audio tracks, images and some other data files on your hard drive. What if the data stored on hard drive is inaccessible due to the creation of bad sectors on the hard drive? How can you recover lost data from bad sectors? There is nothing to worry as you will find a better recovery tool here by name Drive Recovery Software that help you to recover lost or deleted data from your hard drive even with the bad sectors. For more details about data recovery from various data storage drives you can visit this link:

Take a look at some reasons that lead to loss of data from hard drive with bad sectors

Virus Infection: Virus is a program that corrupt the files present in the system by duplicating itself. If the hard drive is infected then the system may crash which result in data loss and also creation of bad sectors on hard drive.

Power Surge: The hard drive may get damage due to unexpected or unwanted rise and fall in voltage that result in increase in bad sectors on hard drive.

Improper System Shutdown: An improper procedure to shutdown the system may result in bad sectors. Sometimes bad sectors get created on hard drive due to software failure.

System Crash: Data will be lost from computer due to system crash. This wipes out all files present in the system as a result    of drive failure, over-usage, bad sectors, etc.

Over Heated Hard Drive: A motherboard which is bad one will result in over heat of hard drives. When motherboard gets damaged, sometimes it results in over heating of hard drive which causes system to crash out as number of bad sectors.

Features of Drive Recovery Software

Drive Recovery Software is an advanced tool to recover lost deleted data from hard disk drive. It is capable of scanning entire hard drive within few minutes to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors. This tool supports recovery of data from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partitions and also from file systems such as FAT16 and 32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT. It has special feature to identify and recover various file formats from bad sectors which are having unique signature of the file. Recovered files can be listed on basis of File Type View or Data View. It is capable of recovering laptop hard drives and also other flash drives of different sizes and brands. A preview option is provided to preview the recovered data before saving.