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Best Application to Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive

A hard drive is a storage device that comes with all computers. All the data, which you keep on your computer gets stored on this hard drive. Data stored on the hard drive will be in digital form, which can easily be removed from it. Hard drives are of various types like SATA, PATA, SCSI and SSD etc. They will be having a huge storage space, which enables the user to keep the huge amount of data in it. Hence these hard drives are great memory storage devices.

But sometimes it happens that these hard drives get crashed owing to some awful reasons, some of those reasons are mentioned below:

Sudden booting of computer: sudden shutting down of computer due to fluctuation in power leads to crashing of a hard drive, after crashing you will not be able to access any of the data from crashed hard drive

MBR corruption: MBR stands for Master Boot Record it holds the information of logical partitions of the hard drive, if MBR gets corrupted then there is a chance of hard drive gets crashed

Firmware corruption: firmware is software embedded on a hard drive, corruption of the firmware will lead the hard drive to get crash

There are many other reasons which can crash your hard drive, for example, crashing of an operating system, virus infection, mechanical failure etc.

Crashing of a hard drive is very dangerous since it can lead you to lose the access to your vital data. In order to get the access to your important data, you have to employ recovery technique.

Recovery means getting back the data that has been lost due to the crashing of a hard drive. In order to perform recovery of data, recovery tool is used. Recovery tool has the capacity to bring back lost data from crashed hard drive.

The prominent features of recovery tool are listed below:

  • This application knows how to recover data from crashed hard drive
  • This recovery application has the potential to restore almost all type of data
  • By using this recovery application you easily carry out recovery of big sized files
  • This application has been designed using powerful recovery algorithm
  • By using this application you can effortlessly recover data from non-booting hard drives
  • The recovered data can be arranged according to a title, creation date, file type and size of a file
  • It is an easy to use application which requires no assistance to perform recovery of data

By following these below mentioned precautionary steps you can avoid crashing of your hard drive:

  • Avoid virus to get into your computer, which otherwise can crash your hard drive and make you lose your important data
  • Make use of a reliable source of power supply
  • Avoid physical damage to your hard drive

To know more tips log on to

Even while following these above-mentioned tips, if your hard drive gets crashed then recover the data present in it. Just download the free version of this recovery application from our website, and install the same on your computer. Run the application and recover your vital data from crashed hard drive. If you get satisfied with the recovery process then purchase the licensed version of a same application.

Data Recovery Program for Memory Card

What you do most of the times to store all your important data safe other than installing an updated antivirus application on your system, you create many back-ups as possible. When the data is crucial you used to store it in different places and what will be the best way to do so on the hard drive, by using memory cards on the mobiles, respectively. You lean to believe that data would stay safe once you transferred all the data to the memory card. But however sometimes, due to inevitable situations like the format, accidental deletion, virus attack, or due to any corruption damages the memory card that leads to an unavoidable data loss condition.

After you lose data from the memory card, one thing you must keep it in your mind that lets you use the memory card, you are going to recover the data from, the higher the chance of memory card recovery process. Most of the digital cameras will not wipe the data completely from the camera memory card after loss scenarios like deletion or formatting or other causes. In such cases, only the filenames of the particular file are erased. And your file remains on the memory card until they are overwritten by other new data.

Major reasons which are responsible for a loss of data from the memory card are mentioned below

  • Improper handling of the device includes abrupt removal of the memory card, using the same memory card on many different devices, etc.
  • Power surge problems, when you are accessing memory card files from the system.
  • Formatting the memory card accidentally.
  • Virus intrusion.
  • Human fault includes accidental deletion of data from the memory card.
  • Pressing Delete all button while viewing photos from the digital camera.
  • Logically corruption of the memory card or memory card crashed due to other reasons.

This is the best program for data recovery that scans the drives from which you have lost your crucial data and searches for the lost file successfully. With its unique recovery algorithm, this tool significantly improves the accuracy and speed of scanning and then ensures that recovery process is absolutely done in a safe condition without any negative impact.

Get a chance to preview the recovered data before buying

By using this professional data recovery program, you get a chance to download the software for free and then scan the drive from where you have lost the data. The software detects your lost file successfully and then displays it on the preview screen. Then you can purchase its licensed version to store all your recovered files.

Useful tips

  • If your memory card is almost full then avoid saving the new files forcefully.
  • Always make use of the write protection notch to secure your memory card from the unwanted write operation.
  • Always have a good practice of removing the memory card from the system or from any other digital device.
  • Never save any of the new data on the memory card after data loss, or else the lost files will be overwritten with the new ones.

How to Manage Multiple Pages On Word 2016?

MS Word includes a special feature that permits users to manage/view multiple pages at once. For example, one can manage two or more pages of Word document at same time. This can save pretty amount of time period when you wish to view multiple pages all at a time. Seeing multiple pages at same time allows user to get an idea of how the overall layout looks like.

Note! Sometimes, user face problem facing Word file. Word cannot start converter mswrd632 error displays making it difficult to view even a single file. It is suggested to make use of Word file repair tool to fix the issue and make it possible to view multiple pages on Word 2016.

How to View Multiple Pages at Once in Word 2016?

It is not a mystery. The implementation steps are very transparent and are prescribed below. Have a check-

  1. Make sure you are in “Print Layout” view to notice multiple pages at single time (If you are not sure which layout is presently active, click on the “View” option). Go to “Views” option of ‘Views’ tab, click on “Print Layout”.
  2. To view multiple numbers of pages at once, keep “View” tab in active mode. Place your pointer on the first page text that you wish to view in multiple-page view. From “Zoom” section, click on “Multiple Pages” (two pages will be displayed side-by-side by default action). The pages are shrunk in such a way that full pages can be viewed on screen. And that’s why viewing many pages at once is super cool for reviewing page layout. But it is not necessary for reading word document.
  3. In case if you wish to view back one page at a time, just click on “One Page” under “Zoom” section of “View” tab. (The page will be displayed, but appears smaller than 100 percent in size. To zoom it back to regular portal size, click on “100%” in “Zoom” section.
  4. View more than two pages at a time just by clicking the “Zoom” button from “Zoom” section of “View” tab. (“Zoom” dialog box appears. Zoom to various percentages, widths, or even the whole page. And to view multiple pages, select on “Many pages” button. Click to choose the monitor button that is placed below radio button. Then select the number of pages to be viewed at once using the drop-down option)
  5. The “Preview” option shows how the pages will look like. Click on “OK” to accept the adjustments and close “Zoom” dialog box.

The document view changes to display the number of pages all at same time that were specified.

Software to Undelete Memory Stick

memory_stick_recoveryRemovable glimmer media, for example, memory sticks are a simple approach to store an information on a little gadget. Have you coincidentally erased records from memory stick? If you have failed over and again to undelete memory stick files, do not lose hope of losing the deleted files permanently.

Yes!! Still there an opportunity to undelete memory stick files. Here is an answer for all your stresses which takes you to the land of recovery. Undelete Files application is an external restoration toolkit which is especially intended to undelete memory stick files and organizers in a few simple mouse clicks.

This software is a most advanced recovery application which undelete records like sound, video and picture from memory stick. The most straightforward UI of this product, helps the non-techie users to encounter recovery session in a couple of simple strides from memory stick.

The fundamental driver for the loss of files from memory stick are as follows:

  • An unintentional deletion of records while deleting the undesirable one.
  • Deleting any files from memory stick and later realizing the deleted files are important and you need them back
  • This circumstance turns out to be more basic when the files are erased by shift-delete keys that delete the files without throwing them to Recycle Bin.
  • Formatting the memory stick will erase the data permanently.

All these circumstances can be easily handled with the help of Undelete File software. This application is fabricated with a robust scanning technique that enables to crawl the memory stick indeed in order to recover deleted files swiftly. It supports to retrieve any kind of files deleted from memory stick including RAW files.

This recovery application works on Try first: Buy later concept, where the software is available for free to download. One can easily install the application tool and can perform a recovery process. Later, you can preview the retrieved files. If you are satisfied with the recovery process, get software activated in order to save the restored files on a desired destination,

Follow the below steps to Undelete memory stick files.:

  • Once Undelete software is downloaded and installed, choose Recover Files option from the main screen window.
  • Later, on the next screen window select Recover Deleted files option to undelete memory stick files.
  • Selecting the memory stick drive from the list of logical drives, one can move forward to perform recovery session.
  • After scanning the memory stick device, the list of files recovered from memory stick device can be previewed without any level of difficulty.

The recovery process can be performed on all the versions of Windows including the latest Windows 10 as well as on different Mac OS.

Know how to Delete Data Permanently from Hard drive

imagesDrive wipe is a software based method to remove the data from the hard drive by overwriting the existing data, so that data saved on the drive cannot recover by using any professional recovery program. Permanent data removal from the storage drive goes beyond the normal data deletion commands, which only erase the direct pointers to the data disk sectors, so that data recovery can be done with the help of any third party recovery tools. In this software based data removal technique, overwrite existing data saved on the drive multiple times, so that possibility of data recovery from the drive is very less.

If you want to completely remove data from hard drive, then it is not as easy as deleting everything on it. In order to fully erase data from the drive forever, you need to take some extra steps. When you format a data storage drive, then the data actually saved on the drive does not erase permanently because this process removes only the location information. Due to this, an operating system is also unable to see the data saved on the drive because drive looks like empty. Though, all the deleted data is still in the drive and remain there until you completely erase them from the drive.

Sometimes, you can use hard drive for further saving new data files. If new data files saved in this memory location where old deleted data was saved, then it will completely remove the data from the drive and cannot be recovered. If the deleted data is still present on the drive, then it can create a problem for you because there is a chance of exposing sensitive personal data from the drive. This deleted may contains account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and other financial information.

Let us see the most common ways of data deletion from the drive:

Accidental removing the data from the drive while removing other useless data files can lead to inaccessibility of data saved on the drive but this accidental deletion of data does not ensure the permanent data removal from the drive. It can be recovered by using an advanced professional data recovery program.

Formatting the hard drive is another way of removing the complete data from the drive. In this format process, all the data saved on the drive get removed in a single mouse clicks. Data removed by using this format process can also be recovered because it only removed the pointer of data not data from the drive.

Deletion the by using key combinations such as “Shift + Delete” on Windows based system and “Command + Delete” on Mac based computer can also remove the data from the drive. But these key combinations erase the data saved on the drive but not permanently.

Deleting hard drive partition during reinstalling operating system or while creating a new drive volume can also delete the entire data saved on the volume.

How to repair CRC mismatch in file ?

Want to send number of files adding them as attachments in your mail? Just WinZip it! It allows users to compress the file size thus freeing the memory space .It is an shareware application which allows compression of files and store them in the archives in the .ZIP format .The WinZip can pack, unpack, decode, direct writing of ZIP archives to the CD/DVD, emailing ZIP formats etc.
Although WinZip is secure but nowadays it is prone to corruption and loss of data. Worried about the CRC mismatch in file? Don’t worry here’s a solution to your worries. The Repair Zip file allows the user to repair the corrupted zip files within a few clicks.

Let’s know something about CRC!

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is an algorithm which detects any error caused during transmission and achieve in accuracy of the transmission file.

How to know: when WinZip corruption occurs

WZ91 CRC Error: this error is displayed when some of files in the archive is corrupted/damaged. Sometimes error occurs while downloading the file from the internet and some due to an invalid data is added to the Zip file. These can also be damaged due to excessive temperatures, magnetic fields etc.
The zip file recovered and the original file with third-party utilities can damaged the data stored on it due to fragmentation while recovery process.
Some data may also be lost as due to power surge while transfer of data is in process. There is also a situation in which the central directory (which stores the index of the zip files) gets corrupted, it damages a number of files in the archive.

Compression Methods:

WinZip courier allows two types of algorithm being
• Zip Legacy compatibility which uses the “DEFLATE” algorithm and is helpful when the mail recipient’s Zip utility is not known or used by older technologies. The default file extension is “.zip”.
• Zipx Best method allows the WinZip courier to select the most suitable compression algorithm for each file depending upon their file type. This method is suitable for those file when the compressed file is the primary concern. The default file extension is “.zipx”.

Why Repair Zip to recover CRC mismatch in file?
This software allows repair of all known formats of .zip (64 bit and 32 bit) and .zipx files from any storage media. This software is capable of repairing corrupted large sized CRC’s which are 4GB or more.
The Zip Repair tool is compatible to various operating systems like of Mac and Windows. This software allows repair of damaged data from hard disks, USB drives etc and also support fixing on NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 ,HFS and HFS+.
This software provides a “Preview” tool which allows files to be viewed even prior to the completion of the repair process. The “Find” tool allows finding the required file by refining their search by specifying the name, size, etc.
Losing data due to CRC mismatch error can be recovered with ease and the efficiency of the repaired files using the demo version. The free version is available to download throughout the internet but saving the repaired files requires upgrading to the pro version of it.

How to Recover Deleted MP3 Audio Files?

mp3-music-file-icon-1In this era of technology, MP3 audios play an important role in each person’s life. Many users listen to their favorite mp3 songs whenever they are happy or even sometimes when they feel lonely. By listening mp3 audios user can refresh their mind and feel good. There are various electronic devices such as smartphones, iPod, music player, or any other devices that enable user to play their favorite music files.

MP3 is the extension file format for audio files. It is most common format audio files which supports in most of the digital audio players. MP3 file comes in small size, so it can easily transfer over the internet or even user can download quickly without taking much time. However, there are some instances which lead to deletion of mp3 audio files from the storage devices. Deletion of precious music files is very heart breaking situation for anyone. The situation even gets worst when users don’t have a complete backup of those files. So, they tried searching on the internet for the solution to recover deleted mp3 audio files.

Have you ever come across deletion of mp3 audio files from the system, mobile phones, audio players or any other electronic devices? If yes, then do not worry about it because you can easily get them back with the help of MP3 Recovery Tool. Most of the times, after facing such problems, user think that they cannot retrieve deleted mp3 files but it is not true you can easily get back deleted mp3 files with the help of this third party recovery tool.

Common Reasons behind MP3 Files Deletion:

  • Deletion of mp3 music files by using command prompts or emptying recycle bin or Trash folder.
  • Sometimes, you may delete some mp3 files by using “Shift + Delete” command by which mp3 file bypass recycle bin folder and cause to deletion of mp3 files.
  • Using unauthorized third party software to scan the drive may also cause to mp3 audio file deletion.
  • Viruses, malware, spyware infection on the drive can remove few important mp3 audios.
  • Interruption during transfer of mp3 files from one drive to another, accidentally formatting storage drives, corruption of storage device file system, improper handling of storage device, using same memory card with multiple devices, can also resulting in mp3 audio file deletion situation.

Advanced Features of MP3 Recovery Tool:-

  • It is built with special search algorithm that scans the storage devices and recover all deleted mp3 audio files as they were before deletion.
  • MP3 Recovery Tool facilitates users to recover deleted mp3 files on different versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X machine such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Lion, Leopard, Yosemite, and Mountain Lion and others easily.
  • With the help of this easy to use app, you to recover deleted mp3 audio files which can be saved on any data storage devices such as memory card, pen drive, external hard drive, SD card, CF card, and many others.
  • This recovery application supports to get back audio files which can be in any file formats such as MP4, MIDI, AIF, AMR, MP3, WAV, and more.

How to Recover Deleted Video Files from Canon Vixia?

26698_1_xlCanon vixia camcorders are considered most widely used, effective, accurate and reliable camcorder. It is very famous because of its characters like best audible noise facility, 20x high definition optical zoom lens, good display, clarity, faster videos recording capability, low light performance, and many others. Canon vixia camcorder is capable to give better videos as compare to other camcorder brands including Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak, Casio, and many others. Videos recorded by Canon vixia camcorder can be in any video file format such as .mp4 or .mts file format and saved on memory card connected to the camcorder. Besides these features of Canon Vixia camcorders, sometimes people can face their precious video file deletion issues.

Are you facing Canon Vixia camcorder video file deletion issues and want to overcome from such painful situations? If yes, then here, you will get complete guidelines to recover deleted videos from Canon vixia camcorder. For recovering deleted videos from Canon vixia camcorder digital camera, you need an advanced third party tool like Video File Recovery and easily come out from such trouble. By this utility, you can get back deleted video files from Canon vixia camcorder memory card just by following few simple mouse clicks.

Some Major Factors of Video Deletion from Canon Vixia Camcorder:

Sudden shutdown of computer: Suppose a situation where user is copying a video from Canon vixia camcorder memory card to system by using data cable. In this process, there may be possibilities of unexpected system shutdown due to power surge or sudden ejection of camcorder. If such situation arises, then there is chance of video deletion from Canon Vixia memory card.

Low Canon Vixia Camcorder battery: Assume a situation, where you are impressed about any place, you desire to take video of that place and when you start taking video, but in between this, if it shows a message like low battery and device goes off during recording process. It can lead to video deletion from the device.

Accidental Formatting Canon Vixia memory card: When you format your Canon vixia memory card when it is connected with the computer, then all the video files saved on the card get deleted and you will face video deletion issue.

Amazing Features of Video File Recovery Application:

  • This software is capable to recover deleted videos from Canon Vixia camcorder memory card and also supports video recovery from damaged, inaccessible, corrupted, broken, and non-recognized devices in just few mouse clicks.
  • Video File Recovery app is developed with the help of an outstanding searching algorithm which enables you to get back deleted videos without any difficulty.
  • It supports to recover deleted videos from canon vixia memory card which can assigned with any file system such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It allows you to take the preview of recovered deleted video files from Canon vixia camcorder before saving them to other data storage device.
  • With the help of this utility, you can also recover video files from various memory cards and storage devices, including XD picture cards, MMC, Memory stick, pen drive, SD cards and many others easily.

How to Fix Microsoft PowerPoint File?

Hi, my 13 years old son had created PPT project for science. He was storing it on her memory card corrupt-powerpoint-2007-file-repair-257x300without creating a proper backup. When the PPT project was 96% complete and due in 4 days, the PPT file became corrupted and he could no longer retrieve it. Can anyone know how to fix Microsoft PowerPoint file with ease?”

If you have encountered with such situations, then don’t get worried. There are many third party software which is available in the market to fix Microsoft PowerPoint file. Sometimes, PPT file gets corrupted or damaged due to some known or unknown reasons. So, in such situation, you can use Repair PowerPoint File software which is capable of fixing Microsoft PowerPoint file within few mouse clicks.

Reasons behind corruption of PPT file:

  • Improper sharing of PowerPoint file
  • Presence of bad sectors where PowerPoint file is stored
  • Virus infection
  • Abrupt shutdown of system
  • Software or hardware conflicts in system
  • Incomplete downloading of PPT file
  • File system corruption
  • Application malfunctioning
  • Hard drive crash
  • Abruptly removing of data storage device like external hard drive, memory card, pen drive, etc. while transferring PowerPoint files from the system to these devices or vice versa may lead to corruption of PowerPoint file.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint application crash
  • When you try to convert any file of the PowerPoint file on Windows system may corrupt or damage MS PowerPoint file and it becomes unreachable.
  • Incomplete copying of PPT file from other systems makes the PPT corrupted.
  • When you try to open PowerPoint in a new version of the PPT software, which was created in older version may result in corruption of PPT file.
  • You may use third party tools to compress or decompress PowerPoint file such actions may also corrupt or damage PowerPoint file.
  • Sudden power failure, while you are accessing PPT file, may corrupt or damage the PPT file.
  • Improper installation or up gradation of MS PPT app results in corruption of PPT file.
  • Incomplete recovery of PPT file using unreliable recovery tools may corrupt or damage the PPT file.
  • If you frequently try to change or modify the file extension of PPT file, then there are more chances that PPT file may get corrupted or damaged.

Whenever your PowerPoint file gets corrupted or damaged due to above-mentioned reasons then don’t get panic as you can opt Repair PowerPoint File software to fix Microsoft PowerPoint file within few mouse clicks. This software comes with a special algorithm which helps you to fix Microsoft PowerPoint file without doing any modification or original PPT file.

Features of Repair PowerPoint File Software:

  • This software fixes all types of PPT, PPTX and PPS files within few mouse clicks on all major versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.
  • It repairs PPT slides along with text formatting, text, footer, header, animation, clipart, audio effects, pictures, hyperlinks, etc.
  • You can use Preview option of demo version of the software for evaluation purpose. The repaired PPT file can be previewed once repairing is over.
  • It repairs PPT file created on any version of MS PPT app such as MS PPT 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc.

How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

So, you want to recover data from a formatted hard drive right? Let’s move ahead as the guide below shows how to recover formatted hard drive data.

Download and install Remo Recover (a tool we are going to use for the recovery) on your Windows computer. Launch the tool and pick out ‘Recover Drives’ followed by ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’. Next, choose the drive which you have formatted and continue the process. Select or mark any individual file type in the next screen of the software and proceed to next step. You will have options to skip this feature as you will be allowed to do everything (you can customize the way you want). Continuing to the next step will scan the chosen formatted drive for lost and deleted data. You just have to wait some time for the process to finish.

As soon as it gets over, you will be able to access those files by previewing it and saving it on your computer. The software also reduces the effort and you can choose all files in one go. You will be having options to sort the files and folders according to their name, size, and modified date. Once everything is done, you will need to select the output destination folder for saving the files. That’s all you need to do and finally, see the formatted data on the chosen destination folder.

What makes Remo Recover perfect for Recovering Formatted Hard Drive Data?

The following set of features makes this software best for recovering data from formatted hard disk drives. The list is as follows.

  • Remo Recover software is designed with simple user interface which makes it really easy to use for recovering formatted, lost and deleted files / folders.
  • Ability to restore an unlimited amount of data. The features of the software are not limited and the users are able to retrieve more than 300 types of files.
  • Recovers all kinds of data from formatted hard drive such as pictures, videos, audio, compressed files, documents and other media file types, etc.
  • The tool allows users to preview the recovered files prior to saving it on the disk. Users will also be able to efficiently sort the files by their name, modified date, and size.
  • Allows users to recover files from all kinds of hard drives, solid state drives, USB drives, SD cards, firewire drives and all physical disk drives.

Causes of Hard Disk Drive Format

  • Due to the accidental format that leads to the loss or deletion of a wide amount of data present on that particular partition. This can result in a huge loss of data.
  • Due to the intrusion of many critical viruses that are designed to cause data loss or harm to the important data present on the computer.
  • Maybe due to the corruption of files which occurs due to the disruption of file / data transfer process, power outage, and similar scenarios.
  • Due to the disruption in formatting process, or accidental installation of OS on any important drive or choosing the different drive accidentally may result in loss of data in a huge volume.

In all such scenarios, data will get lost and you definitely need a software like Remo Recover to retrieve lost data from a formatted hard drive. Now you know how to recover formatted hard drive data, isn’t it?