Best Approach to Restore Data from Bad Hard Drive

Hard drives are the dynamic storage device that are extremely easy to use and handle. Data stored on the hard drive are not exactly safe as it can be lost due to the corruption of hard drive caused by many factors. Sometimes it will be shocking when you turn on your system but found nothing except the blank screen. This means the system operating system has crashed and the hard drive stopped spinning up. It will be very difficult for you, if you want to read some important files stored on this bad hard drive. Stored data from the hard drive can be lost by accidental deletion, formatting, hard drive crash, virus invasion, bad sectors, instant power supply, sudden system shut down, etc.

Consider one of the situation like you formatted the hard drive with NTFS partition and would like to install two operating system on the same hard drive. If you install the older version of Windows operating system then you need to reformat that hard disk to convert NTFS to FAT file system. This is because older version of Windows OS will not support NTFS file system. FAT formatted partition can be converted to NTFS file system easily without any loss of files but NTFS to FAT conversion will results in loss of data stored on it. If this is the condition then you can use the hard drive recovery software that restores all the files from the hard drive easily. By using this software you can also know how to recover data from bad hard drive effectively.

Some of the other reasons responsible for loss of data from hard drive.

  • OS installation: When you are installing the operating system it asks whether you want to format the existing partition or not. If you click on “NO” option then it is safe but if you click on “YES” option accidentally it will delete the particular partition and results in loss of data if you do not have the backup copy of the hard drive.
  • Instantaneous system reboot: Sometimes, due to instant power supply, system reboots repeatedly that leads to hard disk drive crash and that crashed hard drive becomes completely inaccessible.
  • File system corruption: Whenever file system gets corrupted due to virus infection, application malfunction, operating system crash, etc then you need to format the drive to access data from damaged hard drive. But formatting process will definitely deletes all the stored data that results in huge amount of data loss.

If this is the situations then don’t worry just be cool because bad hard drive data recovery is possible if you take help of a good hard drive data recovery tool. This software also supports you to retrieve shift deleted files from hard drive if you lose data by deletion process.

Some of the salient features of the recovery tool

  • You can easily recover files lost from virus infected drive  and also supports different file system.
  • Effectively recover files from hard drive which is lost due to MBR corruption.
  • This software can be used to retrieve lost, deleted, formatted, reformatted or corrupted partitions from IDE, SCSI, etc hard drive types.
  • This recovery toolkit supports data recovery on NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT partitions on hard drive.

It is possible to download the free demo version of this tool from the internet before purchasing to evaluate its recovery results.