Best Method to Retrieve Data from Hard Drive Crash

Hard drive is the storage device that stores large volume of data where you can store all the files and programs. It stores the data in sectors that are arranged in a concentric circles radiating out from the center of the disk. You can find different types of hard disk like IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics), SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), SAS (Serial Attached SCCI), SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) and many more. Hard drive with the high rotational speed gives you the high performance. If the speed of the hard drive is more, the data transfer rate will be higher.

There will be a possibility for crash of hard drive due to various reasons due to which you will data from it. Let us explain one of the scenario of hard drive crash due to operating system malfunction. The malfunctioning of the operating system is mainly due to the improper installation of the operating system. When you are working on any programs you will encounter problems to operate. If you continue by using this faulty operating system then it will result in hard drive crash and you lose all the data stored on it. The best solution is to make use of the data recovery software that rescue data from failed disk effectively.

Some of the other scenarios for hard drive crash are mentioned below

  • Bad sectors: Hard drive crashes due to bad sectors. As the hard drive becomes older with usage for many days then the drive will contain the bad sectors. In order to avoid this you should format the drive for every two years. These bad sectors are detected while formatting which results in hard drive crash and you loss all the data stored on the particular drive.
  • MBR corruption: MBR is the part of the file system used by the operating system to boot and mount file system on the drive. If this MBR gets corrupted due to the reasons like instant power failure, virus attack, etc then it will leads to the hard drive crash which resulting in huge data loss.
  • CPU Over clocking: Over clocking the processor will leads to complete destruction of the processor. Due to this the processor fails to boot after over clocking. In some cases even on returning the speed to normal it may not work and result in data loss.

The above mentioned scenarios are the common reasons by which the data will be lost. In order to know how to rescue data from these situations or other then it is better to make use of the data recovery software that has the ability to get back all your lost data.

Some of the features of this recovery software are mentioned below

  • The utility restores data not only from hard drives but also other devices like memory cards, flash cards, pen drives, iPods, etc
  • By using this software you can retrieve data from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, ExFAT and FAT32 file systems.
  • This toolkit has an option of Smart Scan to perform deep scan to locate the lost files and also you can compress the restored files to zip to save the disk space.
  • It can restore missing data from corrupted hard disks and non booting system computer drives.
  • This software is developed with a strong “Find” option that facilitates you to search any file on the basis of various file attributes like file name, file size, file extension and date of creation.

You can download the free demo version of this software to evaluate its recovery results. If you are satisfied with this results then you can purchase its licensed version with reasonable price.