Best Practice to Fix MOV Videos on Mac

MOV is a common multimedia container file format developed by Apple and used in QuickTime media player. Also, this high quality video file format is compatible with most of the media players which run on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

MOV is a flexible multimedia video file format supported by most of the media gadgets including digital camcorders, iPhone, iPod, etc but this video file format is highly exposed to corruption. Sometimes our important videos that need to be available in business meetings, video clips of your child’s childhood memories or any other favorite .mov file may fail to play properly. In this situation, choosing an effective repair tool will bring your .mov file back to playable state and you can play them smoothly.

Before describing about the procedure to repair MOV Mac, this guide will highlight some factors which are responsible for rendering a MOV file corrupted, damaged or unplayable:

The following are the main reasons to MOV file corruption 

Interruption in MOV file transfer process:  MOV file gets damage when error occurs in the structure of file. The file structure is more likely to be get damage when you face power failure or improper shutdown during the file transfer process, it cause the input/output operation to terminate leaving the MOV files in inconsistent format.

Storage Media Corruption: MOV file that is saved on storage media can be damaged or inaccessible due to bad sectors or if the device is already infected with viruses.

Converting MOV to another Format: Error when converting .mov file to another video format using third party application tool may cause damage to your .mov file.

Unsupported Media Player:  Opening MOV file on unsupported media player may damage the header of .mov file. Once header is damaged, MOV file won’t play anywhere.

Damage due to Compressing MOV File: If you are using unreliable third party software in order to compress MOV video file, then it may cause corruption to MOV video file and as a result it becomes unplayable

 Some best features of Repair MOV Mac program:

  • Repair MOV Mac is highly recommended tool to fix bad or corrupted .mov file. It has ability to repair MOV on Mac by extracting the .mov video and audio streams separately and generate a new playable MOV video.
  • This tool uses read-only scanning mechanism for repairing MOV file on Mac Thus it ensures no damage to the source file.
  • It is widely used MOV repair tool to fix all related problems and errors in .mov file and bring them back in good condition. It uses strong repairing algorithm to repair MOV files that are not playing due to various issues.
  • This utility effectively repairs corrupted, damaged, unplayable MOV file on Mac machines and it supports MOV repair process on various version of Mac OS X including Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Using the preview option you can view the repaired MOV file prior to restoration. It helps you to make sure that your file is repaired correctly
  • This software repairs corrupted MOV file that are inaccessible due to incomplete download, virus attack unknown error while processing with QuickTime Player
  • Along with above specialties, this utility is capable of fixing .mov and .mp4 files from different camcorders such as Canon 500 D, Olympus Sx772, Nikon Cool pix and Sony NEX 5 etc. Also it repairs MOV videos that generated by using Smartphones, iPhone, iPods and other multimedia devices. It is designed with intuitive user interface to facilitate simple and effortless repair MOV Mac operation.

Points to remember:

  • Maintain a backup of important .mov video file by keeping copy of them in some other storage devices
  • Try to avoid unnecessary interruption while transferring .mov file to other devices
  • Install an updated anti-virus to your system and scan it regularly to avoid virus attack