Best way to recover lost files

Nowadays computer serves  as a main tool kit to store lots of data and for entertainment. You have created a video file to send it to your parents so saved it in system and thought of sending it at free time. You know the location of the file where you have saved it and file name too but, you lost it due to some reason .You will be searching for the file until you come to conclusion that the file has lost.But no need to worry about it, if there is any problem then definitely it will be having any alternate solution. You can restore lost files. So before finding the solution, let us know the reasons due to which you have lost your files.

Accidental formatting:  You may accidentally format your hard drive partition that has very important data instead of formatting the partitions that contain useless information. Later, you will realize when you come to know that the most important files are missing and you were unable to access them. This experience can be miserable and may lead to the big issue.

Virus attacks: A virus attacks usually when you visit or download some malicious files.  If your system is having internet connection then it will be the source of virus attacks. It spread across the whole system which slows down system performance as well as it erases the data which is stored on hard disk or internal hard disk. It can corrupt the system hard drive also leading to inaccessibility of data. Virus attack becomes very massive within very short period of time which results in data loss.

Reformatting: Reformatting means converting the file system from FAT to NTFS or vice-versa. It can be done when there is nooption like wheb your PC is infected by virus which is preventing you to access your files. In some cases, if the user is new to the reformat concept then there are more chances of committing mistakes while reformatting i.e user maydirectly go for quick format option without changing the file format which he wants to convert it.

No need to regret for it, if you lose the required files. The lost files can be restored with the help of recovery software.Windows doesn’t have built-in software to recover for lost files .You will get a professional tool called Lost File recovery software which can do this job.You can recover lost word files or any documents in the original format only. It supports different brands of external hard drives like Western Digital, Samsung, Iomega, Hitachi, Seagate etc. It can also recover data from various types of memory cards like SD cards, MMC, XD cards, CF cards, memory sticks etc. This software can easily perform lost music file recovery after iTunes Sync on Mac models like Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air etc. But care should be taken into account for files until they are retrieved back because once  file getsoverwritten then it will be lost permanently i.e. it cannot be restored using any professional data recovery tool..