Best Way to Recover Partition Not Initialized Error

The hard disk is most important storage component of any computer because hard disk is responsible to store any kind of data in it. Initially when you purchase hard disk then you can find single partition on it that means the entire disks space can be considered as single partition but later the partition can be divided into number of partition to store the files and folders in it. Sometimes the computer users will face the problem and it raises the error messages like “Disk 1 Not Initialized.” Once you get this kind of error message then you will lose the access to the data which is present on such partitions.

If anyone gets this kind of error message than immediately he / she will think that how to recover partition not initialized error? If currently you are facing such kind of error message then no need to worry. It’s because today many partition recovery tools are available among such recovery tools Partition Recovery Software is one of the ultimate solution for your problem. By making use of such tools you can easily recover partition not initialized error.

Reasons behind partition not initialized errors

Software Conflict: Once the software conflicts occur then that will severely damage the File Allocation Table. Once the File Allocation Table is damaged severely then it will raise such kind of Disk Not Initialized error and you will lose the data from such partitions.

Abrupt System Shutdown: If you are performing the partition size expandable / reducing task during this if sudden system shutdown occurs then it will corrupt the partition and it will generate the error message like Partition Not Initialized error.

Improper usage of Disk Management: Disk management utility is used to alter the size of the partitions. Sometimes it can end with partition deletion or partition loss and once the disk management utility is used improperly then you will get this kind of error messages.

Virus Attack: Virus is most common but most critical reason for partition corruption because some severe virus may attacks the boot sector of your hard drive. Once the boot sector of your hard drive is corrupted then it will generate such kind of errors.

Outstanding features of Partition Recovery Software

  • This renowned tool can be used on both computer as well as laptop partitions to recover data from partition that shows initialized error messages.
  • This software can be easily used on both windows and Mac system.
  • The user interface of the software is very much easy and by using this interface you can easily perform recovery of partition.
  • This software is having the “preview” option using this it can be possible to know the data before going to store it on system.
  • This application is used to recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and ExFAT which is corrupted or damaged.
  • It can be used to recover any kind of logical partition issues. To know more in detail about logical partition recovery then click here: