Best Utility to Recover Data from Dynamic disk

Most o f the system users are not aware of dynamic disk, dynamic disk is nothing but physical drive which can be used to increase the performance and storage space of the system by using Logical Disk Manager (LDM) database. It is can be enhanced form of data storage on Windows and consists of dynamic partitions like stripped, mirrored, and RAID5 partitions. One of the major draw back associated with this dynamic disk is that it can’t be possible to take the backup of the disk. Because of this reason if you have encountered any data loss through dynamic disk then it’s quite difficult to recover the lost data.

There are many scenarios that may encounter due to which you may encounter the problems like data loss from dynamic disk. Any how if you have come across with any of the data loss scenarios then don’t panic because here you have solution for your problem by using most effective Dynamic Disk Recovery Tool and by using this tool you can easily recover data from dynamic disk.

Data loss scenarios of dynamic disk

Dual Booting: If you have less disk space and you have decided to install two different Operating systems on a single machine such as Fedora and XP then.  Latter you may have abandon that plan and decided to connect the dynamic disk and then loaded the system. Due to any of the reasons your XP OS has corrupted and you might have reformatted the hard disk and installed Windows XP once again but you found that your dynamic disk is inaccessible and lost the entire data which was present on it.

File System Conversation: File system is mainly responsible for keeping the information regarding the files. When the system users formatted their system then the entire data present on the system may get erased from the system. Once the entire data formatted then it’s not possible to change the file system because bit data should be present to change the file system. In this process their may be chance of huge data loss from the hard disk.

Drive Formatting: Sometimes it has been seen that accidentally you may select the other drive and perform the drive formatting due to which there will be huge amount of data loss.

Effective features of dynamic disk

  • This tool has effective recovery engine by utilizing this feature you can perform recovery task on dynamic disk.
  • It can recover data from the various hard drive partitions type like RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 array.
  • This application allows you to perform the dynamic disk recovery operation on all the latest version of the Windows.
  • This utility can recover data from dynamic disk which has been formatted by using different file system FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
  • Once the data is recovered, the files can be previewed and can be saved on any desired location.
  • By making use of this tool it is possible to recover different data storage devices such as removable hard drive, removable storage media, iPods and etc. To know more in detail about data recovery just click here: