How to use USB Hard Drive Enclosure?

What is an External Hard Drive Enclosure?F4LEJIMGYY8FQA3.MEDIUM

It is used to make an internal hard drive by enclosing it in a case. Hard drive enclosure has many features such as giving traditional internal hard drive portability. If you use external hard drive then it also reduces the probability of data loss. It is also used to store data as a back up so that it doesn’t take up any additional space on your primary hard drive.

What are the Benefits of External Hard Drive Enclosure?

There are many benefits of using a hard drive enclosure which are mentioned below:

  • Adding extra storage space to store all media as well as files documents
  • Transferring data between non-networked computers, jokingly known as sneaker net
  • Store data as a back up
  • Easy and reasonably-priced approach to hot swapping
  • Protecting valuable data when virus attacks computers

How do you use an External Hard Drive Enclosure?

By enclosing an internal hard drive, hard drive enclosure works as an external hard drive. Follow some simple steps or instructions to prepare.

  • First of all, you have to determine what type of external hard drive enclosure you are looking for. It’s all depending upon what connections types are available to you. Different kind of enclosure use different interfaces. The most common among them is USB2, but they also come in USB3, eSATA, Firewire, etc.
  • If your enclosure is USB2, you can plug it into almost on any computer. Windows operating system has drivers for USB2 external drives since Windows 95 SP1. If you are using other interfaces then you may require drivers to be installed. In Windows 7, most interfaces drivers were already installed.
  • A 3.5″ enclosure can hold a 3.5″ drive, or a 2.5″ drive. If you have a 3.5″ drive in it then you have to plug in power to power up the drive.
  • If you have a 2.5″ drive then you may be able to power it from the USB port.
  • Installing the drive is straightforward. You open the enclosure, connect the drive to the interface board, probably fasten the drive to the enclosure in some way, and close up the enclosure again. Be careful not to zap the interface board or the hard drive board – static can destroy either.

How to Perform Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery

“I have a 1TB external hard drive from which I deleted all the folders accidentally. I currently have a Mac with me, is there a way to recover back the data from this external hard drive by connecting it to my Mac or something? Any help is appreciated.”

It is certainly possible to recover data from an external hard drive using a Mac. All you have to do is just connect your external hard drive to your Mac and then run an external hard drive recovery on Mac. In the below video you can see how to recover data from an external hard drive on Mac using a Mac external hard drive data recovery software:

This above used software is one of the most widely used applications to recover data from an external hard drive on Mac OS. It can recover all your data in just a few mouse clicks and can also recover data from all hard drive brands. An external hard drive usually comes with a large storage space and can let you save enormous amounts of data in its memory. The data that you save on its memory can be retained by the hard drive until the user manually deletes it from the hard drive. The deletion of data from a hard drive need not be performed by the user. The data can also be lost from it as a result of hard drive corruption or physical damage.

The most recommended way of protecting your data that is saved on your external drive is by having a backup created at regular periods of time. It is very crucial to not have the backed up copy saved on the hard drive but rather have it saved to a different physical drive. By having a backup, you are assured of getting back access to your data again by just restoring the lost data.

But however, there are others who never create a backup for their data that is saved in an external drive. During data loss scenarios, such users run into heavy loss and regrets but however, with the above software even a user who carries no backup whatsoever, can be able to recover back all his data from an external hard drive.

Using the above external hard drive recovery software for Mac, you just have to connect your external hard drive to your Mac and run the software on your drive. The software just requires a few minutes to recover back the data from it which was lost or deleted.

One of the most common mistakes performed by the user after losing or deleting data from his external drive is writing new data onto the drives memory. One must know that all his lost or deleted data from an external hard drive still remains in its memory and by using a software, one can easily perform an external hard drive recovery on Mac. However, when new data is written to the drive, it usually overwrites the previous data that was deleted or lost from it and you end up overwriting the data that you were looking to recover. Once your data is overwritten, you cannot recover it back again and it is lost permanently. So, it becomes highly necessary to not use the external hard drive after data loss and get the above software and perform a full external hard drive recovery on Mac before it’s too late.

External disk recovery tool

External hard drive is a storage media that will be outside of computer case, these external hard drives can be hooked up to computer through USB or FireWire connection. Usually external hard drives will be having vast space for storing data into it, and they are portable that permits user to carry everywhere. Primarily they’re used to expand computers storage capacity, to share helpful data files between computers, and to keep a backup of necessary data. Besides they have several exclusive features that offer an excellent flexibility to its user.

Even though they have several important and distinguished features, sometimes they fail to avoid losing crucial data from it, and if you lose any of your file that’s very important then you’d get into problem. However now you don’t have to worry concerning losing data out of your external hard drive, because the lost or deleted data can be recovered very easily with the utilization of easy and impressive technique known as external disk recovery. So as to recover you need an application, and the name of that application is external disk recovery software. Before exploring about this software, let us discuss about the eventualities of losing data from external hard drive.

  • Accidental deletion: unwittingly sometimes you may delete any necessary file of yours from your external hard drive, and after deleting you will lose your crucial data from it
  • Abrupt power outage: external hard drive gets corrupted, due to sudden power cut during transfer of data between computer and external hard drive, if they get corrupted you may lose your necessary data from it
  • Virus attack: if damaging viruses enter in to your external hard drive they’ll  infect the file system of it, the infected file system gets corrupted and can cause inaccessibility of stored files

Therefore to get back your lost or deleted files from external hard drive you can use recovery application, and the recovery application has below mentioned helpful features.

  • External hard drive recovery tool is a powerful tool to get back lost or deleted files
  • This powerful tool has the flexibility to perform data restoration from dead hard disk
  • It is the quickest recovery tool which will recover your data files within minutes
  • You can recover lost or deleted data from corrupted external drives like USB pen drive, thumb drive, flash drive, memory stick
  • This recovery tool has the potential to recover lost or deleted files from internal hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI etc
  • This application recovers several necessary files like documents, videos, songs, images
  • By using this application you can recover media files like MOV, MP3, MP4, AVI etc

For further more details regarding data recovery from external hard drive click here:

To check out this software before buying, download the free trial version of above told application and install on your computer. Run the software and select appropriate restoration choices. After recovery of files, if you feel it’s commendable and you are fulfilled with your want. Then purchase its genuine licensed version.

Restore 3TB External Hard Drive Data


WD/Western Digital external hard drive is among the famed external HDD within the globe. In the wide range of verities, 3TB external Hard disk drives are generally used because of their huge storage capacity they have. These external HDD’s has several edges, like flexibility, portability, and conjointly it’s like quite simple to make use of.  We store large amount of important backups of our computer, and several important office files, video clips, audios and many other important data without which life becomes anguish. So, it is crucial to keep this data securely. Though this external hard drives are advantageous, you’ll find the possibilities whereby you can lose important data file stored in these external hard drives. Thus, if you wish to restore 3TB External Hard Drive Data you have to opt for WD data recovery software. Employing this software, it is possible to restore your lost /deleted data back for you WD external hard drive easily.

Let us look into the common scenarios the way you may lose your data from 3TB External Hard Drive:

Unintentional deletion: While deleting unwanted files out of your external HDD, by mistake you might delete your important file that brings about loss of data.

Sudden power outage: WD external hard drive gets corrupted, as a result of sudden power cut during transfer of data from PC to your 3TB WD external hard drive.

Improper Ejection: Sudden plugging out of WD external HDD from USB port, without using the option “safely remove hardware” can corrupt your 3TB WD external hard disk and makes all the data inaccessible causing data loss.

Virus infection: Destructive virus programs installed on your pc may infect the file system of the external HDD that may cause inaccessibility of stored files.

Antivirus scan: In the event you scan your WD external hard disk using the installed antivirus software, then there are great possibilities that infected files could get deleted by antivirus.

All these problems could be tackled by utilizing WD data restoration software that has the capability of restoring your lost or deleted files from 3TB WD external hard drive. By using this software, you’ll be able to restore your lost/deleted files of numerous types such as videos, audio, photos and a lot of other file formats like DOC, PPT, PDF, etc. This software is compatible with almost all Os’s including Mac versions like Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Lion along with Windows versions like Ms windows8, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows server 2008. The application is capable to recover files from different sort of hard drive including SATA, IDE, ATA, SCSI, etc. Apart from the external HDD’s it can also retrieve data from flash memory cards (like SD, SDHC & memory sticks), external USB drives, fire wire drives, and iPods. for more details click here:


Tricks to avoid data loss out of your WD External Hard Drive:

•          Keep your external hard drive free from the damaging viruses.

•          Use the option “safely remove hardware” whenever you unplug your external HDD from the USB port.


Check out for the trial version of the software in to our website. See results for yourself, if you feel it’s working, then purchase the licensed version of the same software.

How to Recover Data from Hitachi Travelstar?

External hard drives are most popular storage devices which are used to store large amount of data and keep backup. Among these external drives, Hitachi Travelstar is well known brand. In this, you can store various types of files for example picture files, video files, audio files and many more. So that when you need any file then you can access from the Hitachi Travelstar by using plug and play option. And also similar to the HDD on the Windows or Mac machine, you can make partitions on the external drives too. However, the main disadvantages that it is highly prone to corrupt and makes the stored data inaccessible. Sometimes, when you insert Hitachi Travelstar into computer, then, it might show an error that “please inserts a disk into removable drive”.

Have you ever faced such types of circumstances? Looking for the best ways to retrieve lost data from external disk drive? If you are thinking to say yes, then, no need to worry. Take advantages of this ExtFAT Recovery utility which will provide you the solution Hitachi Travelstar hard drive data recovery.

Few common circumstances which may leads to the loss of data from Hitachi Travelstar:

Bad sector: It is the main reason due to which you may lose accessibility of stored data on the portable disk drive. If any sector of the external drive gets scratched then you will not be able to access the existing data.

Corruption of MBR: The abbreviation of MBR is master boot record; it is a program which is stored on the first sector of the system hard drive and takes the responsibility whenever you restart the system then it tells on which partition an Operating system contains. If anything happen to the MBR then it will fails to load OS and leads to inaccessibility.

Abrupt removal of external USB: Imagine, you are playing videos or accessing some files directly form the external drive or transferring data from external disk drive to computer, if you remove abruptly before completion of the moving process then the file system of portable drive may gets corrupted.

Power failure: In general you plan to take the backup of stored data on the external drive, while taking backup, if your system turns to the switched off mode because of power failure, then, it might leads to the corruption of file system.

To avoid above discussed scenarios you need to take proper backup, suppose if user fails to take backup then this utility plays an important role recover data from different Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc. and Mac OS such as Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. This award winning utility has ability to retrieve data from various other storage devices such as USB drive, pen drive flash memory card and many more. To know more in detail how to recover FAT USB drive, hit here It supports recovery from various FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS and HFSX file system on many manufacturing brands for example Western Digital, Samsung, Sony, Transcend and so on.