Free Tool to Recover Data from Hard Drive

Hard drive is one of the most important part of the computer. All the important data including pictures, videos, documents like Word doc, PowerPoint Presentation files, MS Excel files, emails, PDF, folders, etc are stored on the computer hard drive. As this data is most important, you are not ready to lose at any cost. Don’t worry loss of data from hard drive will not be a big problem for you. In this tutorial, common cause that deletes/lose data will be stated, followed by things happen in the background how data is lost and in the end, solution on how to get free tool to recover data is mentioned in detail.

Some of the common causes that result in loss/deletion of data from hard drive are mentioned below

  • Unintentional formatting hard drive.
  • Deletion of important data from the hard drive rather than deleting other unimportant one.
  • Usage of Windows Disk Management utility and accidentally deleting partitions.
  • Making the dual boot or multi-boot environment to install more than one operating system.
  • System crash because of improper shutdown or due to Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).
  • Deletion of data on the hard drive by third party application.
  • Presence of bad sectors on the hard drive.
  • Interruption while moving data from hard drive to other external storage device.
  • Loss of data due to file system corruption.

Have you come across these kinds of situation and looking for the solution on how to recover data from hard drive? Do you want to recover data from hard drive for free? Then you have come at the right place. Recovering data from hard drive is not a big deal in these days. Even a novice who does not have any kind of technical knowledge can perform data recovery on his own. Yes, with the help of this data recovery tool you can easily restore all the lost/deleted data from hard drive within few minutes. Go to the website- to get more information how to recover data from hard drive for free. Data recovery program can restore data from corrupted, damaged, formatted, deleted, lost or inaccessible hard drives with ease.

More about data recovery toolkit

  • Data recovery tool enables you to get back data from other storage devices including digital camera, mobile phone, USB flash drive, iPods, etc.
  • This application offers you a best solution for lost data recovery on your memory cards and allows you to rescue photos, videos, music and other files.
  • It supports free recovery of data on all Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2010, Windows XP, etc and Mac OS includes Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard and many more.

Important things to be remembered to avoid loss of data from hard drive

  • Think twice before deleting any of the data from hard drive.
  • Do not install unreliable third party tool on your PC.
  • Keep the back up all the important data on multiple storage devices.
  • Install updated antivirus software to keep your system free from viruses.