Solution to Recover Erased Partition from WD Hard Drive

Western Digital or WD is one of the leading manufacturer of computer hard disk drive in the world. WD carrying a long historic reputation in the field of integrated circuit and storage Product Company. Usually, hard drives of WD are capable for reliable and excellent performance. It is available as internal and external drive. According to user point of view, it is quite convenient to organize WD hard drive into different partitions. But, sometimes making partitions might affect the WD hard drive. In some cases, partitions may get deleted from the drive unfortunately. We make use of partition recovery tool to recover deleted partition recovery from WD hard drive. “Western Digital Recovery” is a powerful utility tool used for deleted partition recovery from WD hard drive. Due to its smart scanning algorithm, full scan of WD hard drive for deleted partition gets executed in matter of few simple clicks.

Some reasons responsible for deletion of partition from WD Hard disk drive:

  • Disk Management Utility: All version of Windows facilitates with a tool that provides graphical presentation of all partitions in a hard disk that allows to increase or decrease volumes. Sometimes, while working with this tool some of the partition gets deleted accidently from WD hard disk drive. It is impossible to attempt deleted partition recovery from WD hard drive with the use of Western Digital Recovery.
  • Use of Third Party Tool: Use of untrusted third party tools that are available easily on any of website is never been recommended to user. These kind of tools sometimes lead to deletion of WD hard drive partitions.
  • Virus Attacks: Some kind of virus or malicious threats also lead to deletion of partition in WD hard drive. So, to avoid such cases user must get an updated latest antivirus application.
  • Hardware Problems: Sometimes due to hardware failure issues, and other reasons like aging of hard disk, improper use of hard disk etc. lead to deletion of partition of WD disk drive.

Features of Western Digital Recovery software:

  • Western Digital Recovery software is one of the powerful tool to recover deleted partition from WD hard drive that supports hard drives having bad sectors. Western Digital Recovery also supports recovery of deleted RAID partitions in fluent way.
  • Western Digital Recovery provides recovery to more than 300 file types including audios, videos or any other documents.
  • Western Digital Recovery provides recovery of deleted partition for crashed hard disk or non-bootable hard disk too.
  • Western Digital Recovery requires a nominal system requirements for full installation like it requires 50 MB of hard disk space and 1 GB of RAM.
  • Western Digital Recovery has no complexity, so that user can easily use it comfortably.
  • Anyone can install this software even without having much knowledge about computer. For further help user can contact to customer support helpline which is available on 24*7 basis.
  • It facilitates user to view the recovered files in Data Type View and File Type view.
  • Western Digital Recovery allows user to add or edit the signatures for the files to get recovered if it is not get listed at the time of data recovery process.
  • All the recovered files can be sorted with the respect of their name, file types and other attributes.

Best Way to Recover Partition Not Initialized Error

The hard disk is most important storage component of any computer because hard disk is responsible to store any kind of data in it. Initially when you purchase hard disk then you can find single partition on it that means the entire disks space can be considered as single partition but later the partition can be divided into number of partition to store the files and folders in it. Sometimes the computer users will face the problem and it raises the error messages like “Disk 1 Not Initialized.” Once you get this kind of error message then you will lose the access to the data which is present on such partitions.

If anyone gets this kind of error message than immediately he / she will think that how to recover partition not initialized error? If currently you are facing such kind of error message then no need to worry. It’s because today many partition recovery tools are available among such recovery tools Partition Recovery Software is one of the ultimate solution for your problem. By making use of such tools you can easily recover partition not initialized error.

Reasons behind partition not initialized errors

Software Conflict: Once the software conflicts occur then that will severely damage the File Allocation Table. Once the File Allocation Table is damaged severely then it will raise such kind of Disk Not Initialized error and you will lose the data from such partitions.

Abrupt System Shutdown: If you are performing the partition size expandable / reducing task during this if sudden system shutdown occurs then it will corrupt the partition and it will generate the error message like Partition Not Initialized error.

Improper usage of Disk Management: Disk management utility is used to alter the size of the partitions. Sometimes it can end with partition deletion or partition loss and once the disk management utility is used improperly then you will get this kind of error messages.

Virus Attack: Virus is most common but most critical reason for partition corruption because some severe virus may attacks the boot sector of your hard drive. Once the boot sector of your hard drive is corrupted then it will generate such kind of errors.

Outstanding features of Partition Recovery Software

  • This renowned tool can be used on both computer as well as laptop partitions to recover data from partition that shows initialized error messages.
  • This software can be easily used on both windows and Mac system.
  • The user interface of the software is very much easy and by using this interface you can easily perform recovery of partition.
  • This software is having the “preview” option using this it can be possible to know the data before going to store it on system.
  • This application is used to recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and ExFAT which is corrupted or damaged.
  • It can be used to recover any kind of logical partition issues. To know more in detail about logical partition recovery then click here:

Best Utility to Recover Data from Dynamic disk

Most o f the system users are not aware of dynamic disk, dynamic disk is nothing but physical drive which can be used to increase the performance and storage space of the system by using Logical Disk Manager (LDM) database. It is can be enhanced form of data storage on Windows and consists of dynamic partitions like stripped, mirrored, and RAID5 partitions. One of the major draw back associated with this dynamic disk is that it can’t be possible to take the backup of the disk. Because of this reason if you have encountered any data loss through dynamic disk then it’s quite difficult to recover the lost data.

There are many scenarios that may encounter due to which you may encounter the problems like data loss from dynamic disk. Any how if you have come across with any of the data loss scenarios then don’t panic because here you have solution for your problem by using most effective Dynamic Disk Recovery Tool and by using this tool you can easily recover data from dynamic disk.

Data loss scenarios of dynamic disk

Dual Booting: If you have less disk space and you have decided to install two different Operating systems on a single machine such as Fedora and XP then.  Latter you may have abandon that plan and decided to connect the dynamic disk and then loaded the system. Due to any of the reasons your XP OS has corrupted and you might have reformatted the hard disk and installed Windows XP once again but you found that your dynamic disk is inaccessible and lost the entire data which was present on it.

File System Conversation: File system is mainly responsible for keeping the information regarding the files. When the system users formatted their system then the entire data present on the system may get erased from the system. Once the entire data formatted then it’s not possible to change the file system because bit data should be present to change the file system. In this process their may be chance of huge data loss from the hard disk.

Drive Formatting: Sometimes it has been seen that accidentally you may select the other drive and perform the drive formatting due to which there will be huge amount of data loss.

Effective features of dynamic disk

  • This tool has effective recovery engine by utilizing this feature you can perform recovery task on dynamic disk.
  • It can recover data from the various hard drive partitions type like RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 array.
  • This application allows you to perform the dynamic disk recovery operation on all the latest version of the Windows.
  • This utility can recover data from dynamic disk which has been formatted by using different file system FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
  • Once the data is recovered, the files can be previewed and can be saved on any desired location.
  • By making use of this tool it is possible to recover different data storage devices such as removable hard drive, removable storage media, iPods and etc. To know more in detail about data recovery just click here:

Recover Lost Partition Data on Windows 8

Windows 8 is a most recent version of Microsoft Windows, which has wide selection of features and advanced technologies. You can utilize this OS on any laptop or computer, where you can store large amount of data from it. However, even after possessing such features you cannot stop data loss or deletion scenarios for this computer. Some reasons behind data loss or deletion could happen, due to all of a sudden erasing or formatting hard disks and by corrupted or damaged partition and so on. When you experience such situations, you will start searching for recovery tool that may retrieve your missing or deleted information completely. Is that true you are in search of recovery software? Then here is perfect and reliable Windows 8 Data Recovery Software which allows you to recover whole information in only few clicks.

It not only recovers data from windows 8 system hard drive, in addition it recovers files and folders by other storage products like USB drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive and FireWire drive etc. Moreover, if you connect USB drive to Windows PC because of some reason that gives error information like “Drive isn’t formatted”. When Windows says USB drive should be formatted, in this situation also this kind of recovery software allows you retain whole data with no trouble.

Fallowing causes would be the general reasons for lost or erased data:

  • By selecting wrong partition to install new Windows OS may lead to complete data loss. That means, even though installing newer type of Windows upon active partition just like “c:” you may have selected “d:” drive. Due to that, it results throughout entire data lost stored on “d:” drive/partition.
  • Due to sudden power failure, battery failure in laptop and so on can corrupt your file system of hard drive, while changing by FAT to NTFS or maybe vice versa.
  • Virus may appear by downloading virtually any virus infected applications via internet and as well if you connect any virus attacked removable storage device to system. Then it may corrupt file system of computer hard drive.

The best guidance to secure hard drive or partition information is backup data regularly with other storage device for data safety. Avoid overwriting information on deleted partition. Utilize updated anti-virus packages. To know details about partition retrieval on Windows 8 visit here:

Few important features of this software are:

  • This application is useful in deep scanning of whole computer hard drive to undelete missing or deleted files simple steps.
  • Rescues removed or lost information from partitions involving RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 hard disks on Windows 8 PC using inbuilt algorithms along with methods.
  • Retrieves each file formats just like audio, video, pictures and also other data without issues.
  • Supports to get back files from various file system forms (FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS along with NTFS5 etc.)
  • It has inbuilt option to generate Disk images to bypass bad sectors.
  • Entire information could be compressed in ZIP file format to save memory space.
  • It allows easy way to recover data on basis of their unique signature along with file name, date, size etc.

Best Way for Hard drive Recovery

Hard Disk Drive is a separate part in your working computer. It is used to store huge amount of data. You can store different file formats like audio recordings, video files, text files etc. Generally user repartition the hard disk drive in intention to resize it, this means to decrease the space of partition or to increase the space of partition that may be present on hard drive, also one can repartition the hard disk drive to erase the existed partition in order to create new partition into the hard disk drive.

The procedure of repartitioning is usually accomplished for better management regarding data. But in situation, if you get any interruption at the same time of repartitioning then it could cause severe data loss. This situation might cause inaccessibility of data and sometimes the partition gets invisible to user. Imagine you lost important data on account of error during process of repartitioning hard disk, what is the solution with this situation? You need not to go anywhere; here is the better solution for this scenario, My Partition Recovery application. By making use with this software data recovery after repartitioning hard drive is possible with very few clicks of mouse.

Data loss on account of repartitioning hard drive has many reasons. Let’s possess precise look on handful of reasons:

  • User mistake- Within the process of repartitioning, there are chances you’ll select and delete the partition in hard disk by mistake. At the same instance, in the process of resizing partition chances are you’ll format any partition from the hard drive.
  • Third party usage- For repartitioning the hard drive, usage of any third party utility which utility is not trustworthy then it could make you lose vital data loss from hard disk drive.

In addition to previously mentioned, situations like power failing, abrupt system shut along, bad sectors in the hard disk etc. will also cause severe data loss from your hard drive. Reasons for data loss after repartitioning process could be known or unknown for you but by using My Partition Recovery software you can recover all your important data definitely. You can also visit the link:

Features of My Partition Recuperation software-

With the aid regarding My Partition Recovery software you possibly can recover data from partitions such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT file system. It efficiently recovers data from hard disk interfaces like SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE and so on. It has capability to recover data from most in-demand brands like Buffalo, Seagate, Samsung, Dell, Developed Digital, Sony, SanDisk, Kingston and much more other brands. It supports Windows operating system versions such as Home windows 7 Windows 8 (Standard and Enterprise), Windows XP (Starter, Home, Professional and so on), and Windows Vista (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Final, Business, and Enterprise). Along with Windows operating system it also works for Mac OS X operating system version such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard. To recover data through bad sectors on hard disk, it creates image of the disk from which it bypasses undesirable sectors and recovers the info.

An Effective Tool to Recover Data from Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

Hard drive is a data storage device which contains millions of sectors. A sector is a smallest area on the hard disk or on its surface where a unit of information is saved. Sectors are sub-unit of hard drive track where each sector can store a fix amount of data like 512 bytes or 2048 bytes.

A Hard drive may also contain BAD sector which have been created due to several reasons like virus infection, power cut while accessing system, improper shutdown of system, etc. Bad sectors can be defined as, those areas or clusters of data which are not readable or writable on the hard disk or floppy disk because of which it lowers the performance of the system.

You might have stored some important data files like video files, audio tracks, images and some other data files on your hard drive. What if the data stored on hard drive is inaccessible due to the creation of bad sectors on the hard drive? How can you recover lost data from bad sectors? There is nothing to worry as you will find a better recovery tool here by name Drive Recovery Software that help you to recover lost or deleted data from your hard drive even with the bad sectors. For more details about data recovery from various data storage drives you can visit this link:

Take a look at some reasons that lead to loss of data from hard drive with bad sectors

Virus Infection: Virus is a program that corrupt the files present in the system by duplicating itself. If the hard drive is infected then the system may crash which result in data loss and also creation of bad sectors on hard drive.

Power Surge: The hard drive may get damage due to unexpected or unwanted rise and fall in voltage that result in increase in bad sectors on hard drive.

Improper System Shutdown: An improper procedure to shutdown the system may result in bad sectors. Sometimes bad sectors get created on hard drive due to software failure.

System Crash: Data will be lost from computer due to system crash. This wipes out all files present in the system as a result    of drive failure, over-usage, bad sectors, etc.

Over Heated Hard Drive: A motherboard which is bad one will result in over heat of hard drives. When motherboard gets damaged, sometimes it results in over heating of hard drive which causes system to crash out as number of bad sectors.

Features of Drive Recovery Software

Drive Recovery Software is an advanced tool to recover lost deleted data from hard disk drive. It is capable of scanning entire hard drive within few minutes to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors. This tool supports recovery of data from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partitions and also from file systems such as FAT16 and 32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT. It has special feature to identify and recover various file formats from bad sectors which are having unique signature of the file. Recovered files can be listed on basis of File Type View or Data View. It is capable of recovering laptop hard drives and also other flash drives of different sizes and brands. A preview option is provided to preview the recovered data before saving.

Iomega HDD Data Recovery Tool

Iomega HDD is an external storage device used globally for maintaining copies of important data files. Data files can be of any category such as music file, movie files, audio files, disk image files, applications, picture files, etc.  In order to prevent data files from getting deleted from computer, you store them on external hard drive. But you may not be familiar with the situations that will create data loss from external HDD.

You will be thinking that maintaining copies of important files on external hard drives will reduce the data loss risks. Mistakes happen while using external hard drives will produce data loss. While creating partitions using disk management utility it happens you may format the hard drive by mistake. Formatting hard drive will delete entire data from external hard drive.

Accidental formatting of external hard drive will also take place when you abruptly remove external hard drive from desktop or laptop without following safely remove hardware steps. In this situation file system of Iomega HDD gets damaged due to which operating system prompts you to format the hard drive. If by mistake you accept the notification then entire data will be deleted after formatting the external HDD.

Apart from formatting of Iomega HDD there are several other situations which will cause data loss. Scenarios such as shift + deleting data from external HDD, deletion of virus affected files by antivirus application, file system conflicts and many others.

All above stated situations will place you in worrying about data recovery tool that can effortlessly recover data from external drive. Don’t bother anymore because the remedy for data loss problem is ready for use. Pay a visit to: and download external drive recovery software. Install it in your PC and follow few steps to recover your deleted data from Iomega external drive. This application is well rated by all users throughout the world. Let’s have a look over some top features of this data recovery tool.

Top features of external drive recovery software

  • External drive recovery software is developed to recover data lost from external hard drives due to various scenarios mentioned earlier.
  • It has unique data recovery technique that inspects entire external hard drive and retrieves deleted or lost data within few minutes.
  • If the data is lost from external drives due to occurrence of bad sector then this application will create a replica of data stored in bad sector area of hard drives and retrieves it without trouble.
  • It supports various file systems like NTFS, HFSX, Ex-FAT, FAT 32 and more.
  • Easily recover data from Iomega external drive created with various RAID levels.
  • Desktop or laptop computer consisting different operating system version of Mac or Windows can used to install this application.
  • After the data recovery process you can preview recovered files.

Note: Activate external drive data recovery application completely, if you wish to save recovered files in your PC.

Reliable Tool to Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive

Computer hard drive is a data storing device which is integrated internally to every PC. Apart from internal hard drives there is also portable external data storage devices generally known as external hard drive that could be attached externally to laptops and desktops. Normally, internal hard disk of all computers is capable to store wide range of data. But there will be instances when you may consume all available memory space and may want to change your internal hard drive.

On the contrary to replacing internal hard disk you can try using external hard disk. There comes external hard drive. Whenever, users exhaust the in built hard disks of the respective PCs and there is no space to save new data then can use external hard disk. There are several kinds of external hard disks available in the market for example-

  • LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt
  • LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt
  • Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Hard Drive
  • Western Digital My Passport Essential
  • Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive for Mac

Every external hard disk has its own specifics you can pick any one of them, which particularly suits your need. Using the external hard disk drives, you’ll be able to enhance data storing capacity of your respective system. It can save variety of pictures, movies, songs, games, documents, etc. and may carry them anywhere. But, data deletion or corruption issues are such a real peril which could lose all your hard drive data within couple of seconds.

In case you are one among them who has lost their vital files and wanted to recover all of them urgently, then stay relaxed!!! As ExFat Recovery application is skilled enough to bring back all missing and deleted from external hard drive in barely few clicks of mouse. Click on this link to download the professional and modern ExFat Recovery application to immediately recover files from damaged hard drive.

Some Common Reasons of Data Loss from External Hard Drive:

  • File system corruption
  • External Hard drive failure
  • Virus attacks
  • Bad sectors
  • Human error
  • Power Failure

All aforementioned data loss scenarios may influence the sleek and smooth performance of your external hard drive and could lose your crucial data or files. Since, there can be plenty of crucial files, data or information like business documents, precious images, complex PPTS, important PDF files, etc. within a hard disk of your respective laptop / PC and missing of any of the vital files can be quite a serious issue for you .

Nevertheless, external hard disk data loss concerns are no more a serious issue. Now, say bye to all loss, corruption, deletion issues associated with the external hard disk. All such scenarios or issues can be easily removed through the use of upper link.

Software Suggested by Experts to Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive

To retrieve data from external hard drive make use of “ExFat Recovery” wizard. After downloading and setting up it on your PC, it is possible to restore all type files and folders for instance AVI, MOV, DIVX, TIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, DOCX, DOC, PPTS, PPS, etc.

Acquire this elegant, low-cost and dependable ExFat Recovery software to recover files from damaged hard drive through above link in occasions when, you locate any file loss difficulties with your external hard disks. “ExFat Recovery” software is an enduring means to handle entire data / file loss issues on external hard disks which can be easily acquired from the above link.




WD Data Recovery App

Have you lost your valuable data from WD hard drive and now looking how to get back it? No need to be worried, it’s known that how painful is to lose important data from your WD HDD or from USB drives. Once the precious files are lost then you must and should have to exploit WD Data Recovery Software, this software is designed and developed by recovery experts to get back every bit of files from WD hard drive and USB drives too. Including WD hard drive or any other data storage devices of various brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Kingston, Lexar, and many more can be recovered with the help of this software. It can carry out Western Digital USB hard drive recovery.

Some possible reasons to end up with data loss:

  • Accidental mistakes: Because of some unexpected events you could end up in data loss. Sometimes, you might delete vital files from WD drives accidentally while removing useless files. Sometimes, while moving files from WD external USB drive you may accidentally detach the USB drive due to which the files might be lost. Similarly the drives could be formatted accidentally or purposely due to that you will end up with data loss.
  • Virus attack: Suppose any virus or malware attacks your WD data storage devices then the file system of the device might be corrupted due to that it may show error messages and leads to you to format you. Sometimes the drive or the files stored on it will be inaccessible.
  • Incomplete file transfer: Sometimes while moving your precious files from computer to any external WD data storage device or vice versa if any interruptions occur or the power fails abruptly then there is chance of losing the files.

As soon as you lose data then you need not to save the new files, it could overwrite the files due to which the files might be vanished permanently. So you have to install this WD data recovery software on your system and then carry out the recovery process. This tool will scan the complete data storage sectors and then retrieves the files in single scan. It is highly integrated with advanced tool to get back the files in few simple steps from system inbuilt WD hard drives, WD portable drives, WD USB drives, Mac book laptops etc. For more information you can also check this page

With the help of this software text documents, images, videos, audio files etc. having different file formats could be recovered on oth Windows and Mac OS based computers. This smart app is skilled enough to execute recovery of lost data from different types of external storage devices such as flash cards, CF card, Micro SD, pen drives, memory sticks, flash memory cards etc. All recovered files could be arranged in proper manner, you can preview them using view options. The demo version is also available you can check the results using it or you can purchase the full version of this software.

Werkzeug, um Daten nach Formatierung wiederherstellen

Die Festplatte des Computersystems verwendet werden , um die Daten effizient und sicher zu halten. Aber mehrere Benutzer verlieren ihre Vitaldaten aufgrund der Formatierung der Festplatte oder anderen externen Speichermedien wie USB-Sticks, USB-Sticks , USB -Flash-Laufwerken , tragbaren Laufwerke etc. Aufgrund der unfallbedingten oder unerwünschte Formatierungen, die Sie alle Ihre wichtigen Dateien verlieren könnten , wenn die Datenträger wird dann haben Sie , um wieder Daten über effektive Erholung App formatiert. So Profis haben ein Werkzeug, um Daten von Ihrer Festplatte konzipiert. Hier ist die außergewöhnliche Datenrettung App , um die formatierten Festplatten und andere Daten speichern Geräten sowie unformat . Es wird dringend empfohlen, die Verwendung dieser App zu finden daten nach format zu machen. Sie nutzen können, um die formatierten oder beschädigten Datenträgern auf allen Mac -und Windows- basierten Computern OS mühelos unformat . Diese App soll nachstehend aufgeführt Situationen zu überwinden :

Die Hauptgründe für Format :

  • Unbeabsichtigte Formatierung : Manchmal , während der Formatierung von Datenträgern wie Festplatten des Systems oder andere Daten speichern Geräte, die Sie vielleicht unbeabsichtigt wählen falsche Laufwerk oder die Partition und dann Format anstelle von einigen anderen Laufwerken . In einigen Situationen die eilige Nutzer gerecht mit unerwünschten Formatierungen oder manchmal vergessen, halten die wichtigen Dateien ,
  • Externe Themen könnten Sie zwingen die Laufwerke o Format : Manchmal müssen Sie möglicherweise die eingebaute Festplatte des Systems oder der externen Festplatte absichtlich formatieren. Der Hauptfaktor hinter den unerwünschten oder kraftvoll -Format ist, das ist eine beschädigte Festplatte oder Unzugänglichkeit der Dateien auf den Laufwerken gespeichert. Die Festplatten in der Regel beschädigt wird oder wegen einer schweren Virenbefall , Dateisystem zerschlagen , ungeeignete Festplatte Nutzung , ungeeignete Dateisystem Übersetzung der Festplatte etc. Also, wenn einer der oben diskutierten Faktoren zu Festplatten auftreten dann wird es beschädigt bekommen beschädigt und entstehen einige seltsame Fehlermeldungen und führen Sie sie zu formatieren .

Nach dem Verlust von Dateien von dieser unerwünschten Format, so dass in dieser Situation müssen Sie diese Daten-Recovery- App nutzen, es kann völlig scannen das komplette Laufwerk und dann wieder fast alle Arten von Dateien nach der Fertigstellung. Es hat die Fähigkeit zur Durchführung Wiederherstellung von Dateien mit verschiedenen Datei-Erweiterungen wie Videos, Audio-Dateien , Textdokumente, OS -Dateien, Bilder , etc. Sie können die unformat vollständig formatierten Laufwerken . Benutzer können leicht mit den Richtlinien zur Verwendung der Besserung zu erreichen ist.

Das Datenrettungs-Tool nach Format kann auf allen Windows- sowie Mac-Computern verwendet werden, um die Daten wiederherzustellen , um den ursprünglichen Zustand der Datenträger wiederherzustellen. Für weitere Informationen können Sie auch besuchen Sie diese Seite Dieses Tool ist vollständig automatisiert und zuverlässig genug, um jede Art von Daten aus beliebigen Datenverlust Situationen wie Formatierung , Löschung mit Shift Delete , Festplatten Löschung usw. auf Ihrem System zu erreichen. Alle wiederhergestellten Dateien können in einer Vorschau vor der Restaurierung , können Sie die Dateien, die benötigt oder die kompletten wiederhergestellten Daten wiederhergestellt werden können.