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Werkzeug, um Daten nach Formatierung wiederherstellen

Die Festplatte des Computersystems verwendet werden , um die Daten effizient und sicher zu halten. Aber mehrere Benutzer verlieren ihre Vitaldaten aufgrund der Formatierung der Festplatte oder anderen externen Speichermedien wie USB-Sticks, USB-Sticks , USB -Flash-Laufwerken , tragbaren Laufwerke etc. Aufgrund der unfallbedingten oder unerwünschte Formatierungen, die Sie alle Ihre wichtigen Dateien verlieren könnten , wenn die Datenträger wird dann haben Sie , um wieder Daten über effektive Erholung App formatiert. So Profis haben ein Werkzeug, um Daten von Ihrer Festplatte konzipiert. Hier ist die außergewöhnliche Datenrettung App , um die formatierten Festplatten und andere Daten speichern Geräten sowie unformat . Es wird dringend empfohlen, die Verwendung dieser App zu finden daten nach format zu machen. Sie nutzen können, um die formatierten oder beschädigten Datenträgern auf allen Mac -und Windows- basierten Computern OS mühelos unformat . Diese App soll nachstehend aufgeführt Situationen zu überwinden :

Die Hauptgründe für Format :

  • Unbeabsichtigte Formatierung : Manchmal , während der Formatierung von Datenträgern wie Festplatten des Systems oder andere Daten speichern Geräte, die Sie vielleicht unbeabsichtigt wählen falsche Laufwerk oder die Partition und dann Format anstelle von einigen anderen Laufwerken . In einigen Situationen die eilige Nutzer gerecht mit unerwünschten Formatierungen oder manchmal vergessen, halten die wichtigen Dateien ,
  • Externe Themen könnten Sie zwingen die Laufwerke o Format : Manchmal müssen Sie möglicherweise die eingebaute Festplatte des Systems oder der externen Festplatte absichtlich formatieren. Der Hauptfaktor hinter den unerwünschten oder kraftvoll -Format ist, das ist eine beschädigte Festplatte oder Unzugänglichkeit der Dateien auf den Laufwerken gespeichert. Die Festplatten in der Regel beschädigt wird oder wegen einer schweren Virenbefall , Dateisystem zerschlagen , ungeeignete Festplatte Nutzung , ungeeignete Dateisystem Übersetzung der Festplatte etc. Also, wenn einer der oben diskutierten Faktoren zu Festplatten auftreten dann wird es beschädigt bekommen beschädigt und entstehen einige seltsame Fehlermeldungen und führen Sie sie zu formatieren .

Nach dem Verlust von Dateien von dieser unerwünschten Format, so dass in dieser Situation müssen Sie diese Daten-Recovery- App nutzen, es kann völlig scannen das komplette Laufwerk und dann wieder fast alle Arten von Dateien nach der Fertigstellung. Es hat die Fähigkeit zur Durchführung Wiederherstellung von Dateien mit verschiedenen Datei-Erweiterungen wie Videos, Audio-Dateien , Textdokumente, OS -Dateien, Bilder , etc. Sie können die unformat vollständig formatierten Laufwerken . Benutzer können leicht mit den Richtlinien zur Verwendung der Besserung zu erreichen ist.

Das Datenrettungs-Tool nach Format kann auf allen Windows- sowie Mac-Computern verwendet werden, um die Daten wiederherzustellen , um den ursprünglichen Zustand der Datenträger wiederherzustellen. Für weitere Informationen können Sie auch besuchen Sie diese Seite Dieses Tool ist vollständig automatisiert und zuverlässig genug, um jede Art von Daten aus beliebigen Datenverlust Situationen wie Formatierung , Löschung mit Shift Delete , Festplatten Löschung usw. auf Ihrem System zu erreichen. Alle wiederhergestellten Dateien können in einer Vorschau vor der Restaurierung , können Sie die Dateien, die benötigt oder die kompletten wiederhergestellten Daten wiederhergestellt werden können.

Recover Data Freely

Are you currently searching for free software to recover all lost or deleted files? Then, you need to go through this article, here is the best and effective recovery tool, it is absolutely free and by making use of this software you can get back each and every file from your Windows OS based computers. It is designed by recovery professionals to come over all types of data loss situations, different types of files such as audio files, images, text documents, app, etc can be recovered in few simple steps. Before moving to recovery steps lets know how the files could be lost from hard disk. Check this for more information

Some major reasons:

  • Corrupt hard drive: The main reason to lose your data is hard drive issues, sometimes severe virus may attack, due to this the file system may corrupt and the hard drive show some error messages while accessing it, so for further use you might format the hard disk, but all files from it will b lost in single clicks. Similarly some logical bad sectors on the hard disk may also force you to format the disk.
  • Human mistakes: Some hasty users lose their data accidentally, while deleting unwanted files you may choose the required file or folder and delete using Shift Delete keys. Sometimes, the complete partition or the hard drive could be formatted due to incorrect selection of the drive or partition.
  • Some external issues: Some external issues like incomplete file transfer, improper usage of the drive, third party tool malfunction etc. could also make you to lose files from hard disk.

Once you lose important files then do not save new files on hard drive, it may lead to overwriting of the files, once the lost or deleted files are overwritten then you cannot get back those files, so you are suggested to make use of this tool as soon as you lose files from your hard disk. This tool is completely free and you can download it from internet. By making use of this software complete files can be recovered in single scan. Initially the complete hard disk will be scanned and then all files will be retrieved, you can see the retrieved files using the view options.

This hard disk data recovery free tool is completely automated with advanced scan machine and recovery algorithms, so all types of files like videos, pictures, music files, text documents etc. can be retrieved in couple of minutes. It is just read only tool and you can get it freely to bring back your files from formatted internal and external hard drives. It supports recovery of various file formats and gets back around 300 types of files. All recovered files can be saved once it finished the recovery. Even a novice user can easily perform recovery of files by just following the detailed screen shots.

The Modern Rules of Uninitialized Hard Disk Data Recovery Program

Sometimes, while accessing data from hard disk, you may get error message such as “Unknown, Not Initialized and Unallocated”. You will get shocked after getting this kind of error message and begin to search for the exact reason behind such message. But you may fail to find the exact solution for this sort of reasons and start looking at “My computer” during the time, the hard drive becomes inaccessible and the disk management shows the message “Drive not initialized and Unallocated”. At this time, if you open disk management, it guides you to initialize your drive.

When the drive is not initialized, computer fails to communicate with hard drive. To make your computer to communicate with hard drive, there is a necessity of disk initialization process. While carrying out this process, you may receive some I/O errors. Due to this reason, your important pdf files, ppt files, video, audio, etc. stored on the disk get lost. You will get upset after losing such precious files and keep get tense about the possible ways to restore such files back. In such circumstances just stay calm, you are at the right place. You have to make use of hard disk data recovery application. This tool is said to be perfect to recover lost data from external hdd with few clicks of mouse.

The hard drive data recovery tool comes with handy in below mentioned situations:

  • MBR corruption: MBR stands for master boot record. The MBR corruption takes place due to virus infection. It can damage the boot sectors of hard drive. When your computer reads such MBR, the virus instructs it to run resulting in inaccessibility of hard drive data.
  • Software conflicts: Sometimes due to software conflicts, you might face the situation like system crash. Hence, it is a major reason for losing a data from uninitialized hard drive.
  • Sudden power failure while accessing file from hard drive: Sometimes, while accessing file from hard drive if sudden power failure takes place then you have to suffer from data loss situation.

This tool has the ability to support recovery of files on popular brands of hard disk like Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Western digital, Buffalo, etc. By making use of this talented utility, one can effortlessly restore complete data from uninitialized hard disk. This program will safely perform hard drive data recovery without damaging the original files. It is capable to recover files lost due to file system corruption, hard drive crash, Operating System malfunctioning, etc. For further queries about the working principle of this program visit here:

Never format the uninitialized hard drive, when you get error message. If you format the hard drive, avoid further storage of new files on it. Because newly stored files may overwrite the lost files and lead to permanent data loss. It can recover files from different types of hard drive including SATA, IDE and SCSI. It provides useful guidelines with detailed screen shots to recover data from uninitialized disk. This utility is designed and reviewed by technical experts and capable to perform detailed scanning of hard disk to recover files from uninitialized hard disk. It is compatible with popular versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Quick way to Retrieve Files from Bad Sectors on Hard Disk is Right Here

Hard disk drives are the inbuilt data storing drives employed on your PC to manage and maintain all your files. You might have stored many vital files, folders, images, videos on your hard disk. All these files could get lost without notice. Issues like bad sectors may hamper the performance of your hard disk any time. Bad sectors are the defected sectors or area on the Hard disk which has become inaccessible.  All the files and data residing on these bad sectors could not be read or fetched until the Hard or Soft bad sectors are not repaired. They are capable enough to cause physical damage to your hard disk, if not repaired in time.

To restore data from your files that had become inaccessible or lost due to bad sectors on your hard disk, you can use Data Recovery Software. This is the foremost solution advised to get off of the bad sectors present on the hard disk drive of your Lap Top or Desk Top.  It is a fastest and excellent application on which you could trust blindly for the quick retrieval of the lost files. It is a trustworthy tool which is popular for the revival of the missing files. This software is a complete solution for all type of issues occurring on your hard disk. This intelligent application wizard has also got free demo version. You can use the trail version of the software once before buying the full edition and have preview of the files recuperated by it.

Data Loss Scenarios on hard disk:

There are lots of scenarios in which you end up losing your data. Refer to some are as mentioned below:-

Power Surge: If power is fluctuating and not coming properly and you are working on your system in such cases your hard drive can encounter bad sector which can cause data loss. So in such situation you need recovery software to get back those data.

Virus Attack:  Bad sectors can also be caused by malware viruses. If you have lost your data in such cases, then recovering data from hard drive with bad sectors can be done by using link mentioned above.

Improper Removal of Hard Drive: If you are improperly removing your hard drive from your system, then there is a possibility of getting bad sectors on hard drive which causes file loss. You can rescue your data from hard drive in such type of scenario by using a good data recovery tool.

Key Characteristics of the tool

  • Recover inaccessible files from hard disk which contain bad sectors
  • Retrieves data from different types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, and IDE etc.
  • Scans the entire drive in few minutes to get back missing files
  •  Capable enough to get back data from corrupted hard disk
  • Recover data from hard drive with  bad sectors even after formatting
  • Retrieves data from hard drive with  bad sectors and entire  recovered data can be saved to CD/DVD
  • Provide “save recovery session” option

Moreover, you can also go to link for the detailed information about efficient and complete recovery of the lost files from the hard disk which contains defected sectors.


Perform data recovery from Laptop hard drive

“I own a new HP Pavilion Laptop, which had all my memorable photos, favorite songs, movies, project files etc. Yesterday in-stead of formatting my USB drive I accidentally formatted one of my Laptop hard disk partitions, which had all my valuable data. The data I lost was not even backup, those files are very important to me I want to regain it back!! Is data recovery from Laptop hard drive possible??? If yes!! Then how!!”

Are you stuck in a similar kind of situation and have lost your crucial data? Then don’t be upset as you are not alone, these kinds of data loss mishap is very common among Laptop users. And, the good news is that, with the help of Laptop data recovery software you can retrieve all your Laptop data in few steps. To make your Laptop data recovery successful, firstly you need to stop using your Laptop to add or store any new data cause if you add any new files then the new data will overwrite the original files making recovery very difficult.

Reasons which results in data loss from Laptop hard drive:

  • Sudden laptop system termination in between file transfer process from Laptop to other storage drive
  • File system of a Laptop hard disk keeps track of all files stored on Laptop hard drive; in case it gets corrupt then there are possibilities of laptop hard disk data loss
  • Accidentally or unintentional deletion of file is another common reason for data loss from Laptop hard drive.
  • Virus or malware attack on Laptop hard drive will results in hard disk corruption and eventually lead to data loss
  • Up-grading the OS of Laptop from one to another in order to utilize additional features sometimes result in laptop hard drive data loss

All these dreadful data loss situations can only be tackled with the help of Laptop data recovery tool. This recovery program allows user to recover dataunder various data loss circumstances. The application allows users to bypass bad sectors on hard drive by creating a disk image. Using this program user can easily recover files from various file systems for ex NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, FAT16 and FAT32.This recovery tool also supports data recovery from different data storage drives like external hard disk, pen drives,flash cards, iPods etc. It even supports dead Laptop hard drive data recovery. To know how to get data off a dead laptop hard drive follow this link.

The best feature of this utility is that, you can run this tool on all major versions of Windows operating system like Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The software is also compatible to run on all Mac OS such as Leopard, Lion and Snow Leopard. To make use of this outstanding utility first download and install Laptop data recovery software on your Laptop. Run the application and stick with the main screen process. Select deleted file recovery option to recover deleted files. Go for lost file recovery option to get back lost files. After this the software scans the HDD and show all the physical drives present on your Laptop. Select the partition from where you want to recover files and click on next option. The application scans the chosen partition and displays all the retrievable files. From here you can select the file which you want to retrieve back. Visit this link to learn some more facts:


  • Before installing software check for the available space
  • Don’t use your laptop computer after data loss
  • Maintain a backup of your important files on some reliable data storage drives
  • Install virus protection program on your Laptop to get rid form deadly viruses


How to restore data that are lost from hard drives

Computers are the best used gadget to store vivid useful information running a business and personal day to day life. Along with the medium that stores all the data on the pc is hard disk drive/ system drive / system HDD. Hard drives may be of 2 categories, inbuilt system drives and external hard drives. And there are lots of manufacturers of computer drives including Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, Sony, Seagate, etc.

Data on hard disks could be of numerous kinds. There may be various file types inside the hard disk drives and all sorts of these data could be lost in different ways. The illustration showing one such loss of data situation could be given here. Think that your computer hard drive contained large numbers of files and folders which in fact had very crucial information within it. However you are not terminating the device in proper manner i.e. you employed to switch off the power without shutting down the system. This had damaged hard drive and suddenly at certain point of time it crashed with no hint. This was for the reason that unorthodox method of closing the device had damaged the files contained in the boot sector for the hard disk drive, thus it suddenly got crashed. And all sorts of drive data were now lost. In such cases, if you do not use this system drive on any system then these files on the crashed hard disk drive might be restored with the help of restore hard drive utility.

You also might come across these situations that result in hard disk drive loss of data –

  • File system corruption: When the file system of any partition or hard drive gets corrupt because of numerous causes then your files are not accessible for the drive thus causing inaccessibility of data.
  • Reinstallation of OS: Once you reinstall the OS about the hard disk drive occurrence of any errors like power fluctuations etc. can cause failure with the format method that therefore errors out your hard drive. And the hard disk won’t work that causes loss of data.
  • Hard disk head crash: Hard disk head will be the important sector on the hard disk that’s responsible for proper working with the hard disk. Thus hard disk drive head crash may cause loss of data severely.
  • MBR sector corruption: Master Boot Record can be a sector that holds everything and crucial information of partitions, files and folders saved with that hard disk drive. Thus if the MBR sector gets corrupt due to severe virus attack, then this files and many types of other data around the hard disk will probably be unreadable.

Data on hard drives of Windows and Mac based systems holding various data can be lost in many different ways too. However, all theses lost data can be recovered using recovery programs. Given link is but one such recovery utility that solves the query in your mind, how to retrieve lost data from hard disk drive?

The software offers many features one of them the best are:

  • Restores various lost files like business files, photos, videos, Microsoft office files, etc. effectively
  • Recovery of lost data from storage devices like computer drives, external HDDs, Fire wire drives, SD, SSD, CF, MMC flash memory cards, pen drives, etc.
  • Completely restores data from storage devices having FAT, HFS, NTFS, file systems.
  • You’ll be able to desperately retrieve data from various hard drive types like SAS, SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc.