Learn How to Automate Texts of Microsoft Word’s Styles

Microsoft is one of the handful tools with the stylish features which keep us from moving to free Office suite. It is used to assign a sentence or paragraph in a particular style with different Microsoft Office tool such as bold, italic, paragraph breaks, font, margins, and many more. You can get the style of formatting if you change the bit of text that is already assigned with a style. But in case, if you change the style of formatting by itself then you need to change the formatting that is already assigned.

For instance, you may have single style for headers, another for subheads and other one for regular yet. Those will be in paragraph styles that would may affect full paragraphs. The character styles can affect any of the block that you select. A sentence or word must have a paragraph style with the style of character formatting that alters the paragraph style.

The creating of a new style is remarkably very easy. First of all format some of the text, then select it, at last right-click it. Click the option as mentioned: select Styles > Save Selection as a New Quick Style.

This will brings up the dialog box from where you name the style. To have more options, press the Modify button in resulting dialog box then you can pick the Style type and select the font or tab the Format button in order to have more options.

But here is one more important option that you save on the style. By this tool you can save only to existing document or to a New documents based on the template. The latter options may affect future documents that you create.

In order to alter the style, first of all change the format of some of the text or a paragraph, then click right option on it and select Styles > Update to Match Selection, where the “stylename” is name of the particular style. You may right-click the style and then select Modify.

The styles can easily travel from one computer to the one or even from the old version of Word to the new one. When you save your styles to a Normal template, and you want to do is to move the template file into your new PC. In both the old and new systems, you can easily get the template folder by pressing search button for %appdata%\microsoft\templates.

How to Disable Vizio Smart TV Spying?

Vizio is one of the latest TV makers that come under fire in order to track the viewing habits of the customers. You are able to track Vizio smart TVs that what you are watching and you are also able to share the data with advertisers. It is very similar to programs that we have seen in past from Samsung and LG.

It is not the best solution to disconnect your TV from the internet in order to prevent this. You are likely to buy a smart TV to use the built-in applications like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video. While disconnecting the TV from internet would mean that you are no longer use the major functions of smart TVs. However, you can manually disable the data collecting features. There are mainly two methods for disabling the data collecting features as mentioned below:

Method 1

This process for disabling the feature is slightly different depending from your TV model. The owners of Vizio TVs with normal VIA (VIZIO Internet Apps) interfaces can click the Menu button on remote, then open Settings, highlight Smart Interactivity and at last switch it to off.

Method 2

The second method for disabling the feature is simple enough. In order to disable Smart Interactivity features on the models with VIA Plus interfaces, click the Menu button on remote to open the Settings, then select System, as followed by the Reset and Admin. At last scroll down to the Smart Interactivity and then switch it to off.

You can also now enjoy using the TV without worrying about Big Brother or any other show watching over you.

Just Don’t Connect Your TV to Wi-Fi or Ethernet

If you have connected your smart TV to your Wi-Fi or home network or Ethernet, first of all disconnect it using your smart TV’s settings. Because you are protected from whatever built-in spying features it has and security vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

If you have already connected to the Wi-Fi network, try to get your smart TV to forget the password. If you can’t, you may need to reset it to its factory default settings, don’t give it the Wi-Fi password when you set it up again.

It also protects your smart TV from embedding extra advertisements into other things you watch. Get “smarts” on your TV by plugging in a streaming box like Roku, Chromecast, Chromecast, an Apple TV, Fire TV, video game console, or one of the many other devices that works better and should be more secure than your smart TV. That box can be connected to the Internet.