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How to Manage Multiple Pages On Word 2016?

MS Word includes a special feature that permits users to manage/view multiple pages at once. For example, one can manage two or more pages of Word document at same time. This can save pretty amount of time period when you wish to view multiple pages all at a time. Seeing multiple pages at same time allows user to get an idea of how the overall layout looks like.

Note! Sometimes, user face problem facing Word file. Word cannot start converter mswrd632 error displays making it difficult to view even a single file. It is suggested to make use of Word file repair tool to fix the issue and make it possible to view multiple pages on Word 2016.

How to View Multiple Pages at Once in Word 2016?

It is not a mystery. The implementation steps are very transparent and are prescribed below. Have a check-

  1. Make sure you are in “Print Layout” view to notice multiple pages at single time (If you are not sure which layout is presently active, click on the “View” option). Go to “Views” option of ‘Views’ tab, click on “Print Layout”.
  2. To view multiple numbers of pages at once, keep “View” tab in active mode. Place your pointer on the first page text that you wish to view in multiple-page view. From “Zoom” section, click on “Multiple Pages” (two pages will be displayed side-by-side by default action). The pages are shrunk in such a way that full pages can be viewed on screen. And that’s why viewing many pages at once is super cool for reviewing page layout. But it is not necessary for reading word document.
  3. In case if you wish to view back one page at a time, just click on “One Page” under “Zoom” section of “View” tab. (The page will be displayed, but appears smaller than 100 percent in size. To zoom it back to regular portal size, click on “100%” in “Zoom” section.
  4. View more than two pages at a time just by clicking the “Zoom” button from “Zoom” section of “View” tab. (“Zoom” dialog box appears. Zoom to various percentages, widths, or even the whole page. And to view multiple pages, select on “Many pages” button. Click to choose the monitor button that is placed below radio button. Then select the number of pages to be viewed at once using the drop-down option)
  5. The “Preview” option shows how the pages will look like. Click on “OK” to accept the adjustments and close “Zoom” dialog box.

The document view changes to display the number of pages all at same time that were specified.

Know how to Delete Data Permanently from Hard drive

imagesDrive wipe is a software based method to remove the data from the hard drive by overwriting the existing data, so that data saved on the drive cannot recover by using any professional recovery program. Permanent data removal from the storage drive goes beyond the normal data deletion commands, which only erase the direct pointers to the data disk sectors, so that data recovery can be done with the help of any third party recovery tools. In this software based data removal technique, overwrite existing data saved on the drive multiple times, so that possibility of data recovery from the drive is very less.

If you want to completely remove data from hard drive, then it is not as easy as deleting everything on it. In order to fully erase data from the drive forever, you need to take some extra steps. When you format a data storage drive, then the data actually saved on the drive does not erase permanently because this process removes only the location information. Due to this, an operating system is also unable to see the data saved on the drive because drive looks like empty. Though, all the deleted data is still in the drive and remain there until you completely erase them from the drive.

Sometimes, you can use hard drive for further saving new data files. If new data files saved in this memory location where old deleted data was saved, then it will completely remove the data from the drive and cannot be recovered. If the deleted data is still present on the drive, then it can create a problem for you because there is a chance of exposing sensitive personal data from the drive. This deleted may contains account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and other financial information.

Let us see the most common ways of data deletion from the drive:

Accidental removing the data from the drive while removing other useless data files can lead to inaccessibility of data saved on the drive but this accidental deletion of data does not ensure the permanent data removal from the drive. It can be recovered by using an advanced professional data recovery program.

Formatting the hard drive is another way of removing the complete data from the drive. In this format process, all the data saved on the drive get removed in a single mouse clicks. Data removed by using this format process can also be recovered because it only removed the pointer of data not data from the drive.

Deletion the by using key combinations such as “Shift + Delete” on Windows based system and “Command + Delete” on Mac based computer can also remove the data from the drive. But these key combinations erase the data saved on the drive but not permanently.

Deleting hard drive partition during reinstalling operating system or while creating a new drive volume can also delete the entire data saved on the volume.

9 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Windows 10

Windows 10Microsoft has consistently remained one of leading firms in developing system software. It has huge market share, and most of the individuals and big organisations prefer Windows OS compared to any other available operating systems. Every time Microsoft came up with several latest and upgraded versions, which is why it has obtained such a large popularity in the whole world. After Windows 8, one of the most advanced version that has recently released by Microsoft is Windows 10.

Soon after the release of Windows 10, most of the computer users have started moving to this latest version. MS Windows 10 has an impressive Start Menu, in which both Windows 7’s and 8’s start button features have been added. The smart start button, which you had with Windows 7 OS is back now. Soon or later, Windows 10 will be a thriving version over its earlier ones. Lots of new developments have been made for this latest version. One exceptional thing regarding Windows 10 is the way it deals with the virtual desktops is really incredible. It allows the user to set up a series of tasks and windows on desktop, for emails and Twitter you’d get a separate window, and furthermore a third window you’d be getting for Web browsing and research. Adding to all these, there are immense number of other features which would definitely attract you to get started with this latest edition. Let’s begin to explore some more trendy features that have been encompassed in Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft Edge:

With Windows 10 installed on your PC, you are now able to write directly on your webpage with Web Note, after which the written notes can be directly shared with others. The new web browser i.e. Microsoft Edge allows you to do so.  It’s really quite simple and has attracted millions of Windows 10 users. You can make comments on the webpage and share it via email, Twitter, and the notes can be saved in Microsoft OneNote.

What Cortana Is?

Cortana is nothing but an ingenious personal assistant. This remarkable app will allow you to find things on your PC. Apart from that, it helps you to manage the calendar, search files, and navigate packages. What else you need, it chats with you as well, and even tell jokes. A microphone icon in Cortana will allow you to make voice commands. However, you require a mic for using this voice command option. Well, you will be able to work with Cortana by typing and it is facilitated with all the Windows 10 PCs. Try this shortcuts (Win + Q or Win + S), if you want to open Cortana with your keyboard. They are the new shortcuts implemented solely in Windows 10.

A Recycle Bin Shortcut on Start Menu:

It really sounds great. You are now able to pin the Recycle Bin on your Windows Start Menu. Yes, it is that place where all the deleted files are dumped. As you know the files deleted from any location of hard drive goes to this folder. A Recycle Bin on Start Menu will allow easy recovery of recently deleted files. And whenever needed, you could restore them back. Well, restoring permanently deleted files is not possible yet. For that, you are still required to take the assistance of an appropriate and powerful third party hard drive file recovery utility.

Fully Fledged Action Center:   

Windows 10 has an Action Center which is almost new with it. It is an integrated location for almost all system notifications and instant access for most settings. It is quite customizable and is present in the taskbar. Quick actions is a most convenient feature of Action Center, from here you are now able to adjust your screen brightness quickly and easily, it enables you to turn Wi-Fi on or off, and do lot of other stuffs.

Ctrl + V now works with Command Prompt:

Command Prompt has now been updated to larger extent. You can now copy the text and paste it directly in Command Prompt window. The combination keys, Ctrl + V can be used here to paste the text. This functionality wasn’t there on earlier versions, however it is available now in Windows 10. Not just this, the updated Command Prompt allows you to do a lot more.

Bio-metric Locking:

Your credentials and confidential data stored in Windows 10 is more secure and safer now. The new Windows 10 version has this excellent option. Safeguard your data by giving your fingerprint details. The technology was first introduced in iPhone 5s and now it has been made available in Windows 10. A fingerprint sensor is of course needed if you want to make use of this option.

Speedy and Responsive Apps:

Microsoft has introduced modern e-mail and calendar apps. They really do better as compared with Windows 8. The Windows 10 apps are pretty quick and responsive. New apps enthusiastically shift interfaces appropriately into the windows of almost all shapes and size.

Power Saver:

Windows 10 is now equipped with power saver facility. For instance, if you have a laptop which is battery powered then Windows 10 will smartly optimize background services and unnecessary apps will be automatically closed. So that, you can optimistically utilise all the available power in the battery.

Not just limited to these, there are tons of other eye catchy features Windows 10 includes. If you want to explore more about it, then do have a look over this page. It gives you more precise information on the latest and fantastically designed Windows 10 OS.