Software to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 7

“Is there a way to recover data from a deleted partition on my Windows 7 OS? I accidentally deleted a partition and I don’t have any backup for it. It had songs, pictures, videos, word files and lots of other files which I want to get back in its original form. Can this be performed on my hard drive?”

Certainly possible! All your data from a deleted partition can be recovered and saved back on your computer by making use of an application that recovers a deleted partition on Windows 7. It is usually called a deleted partition recovery software and this video shows you how to recover data from deleted partition in Windows 7 using a partition recovery software.

On a Windows 7 run OS, a hard drive can have any number of partitions. Partitions are generally created by the user to save data or distribute data accordingly. A partition is allocated a specific size up to which it can save data in it. A partition can save any types of files in it until it runs out of storage space. These partitions on a hard drive are like storage carriers to the hard drive. These partitions can sometimes get corrupt and lose data from it. To overcome such scenarios, it is highly necessary to have a backup for all the partitions that are present on your hard drive.

Partitions can lose data due to viruses as well. Sometimes they can lose data even due to accidental format that result in losing the entire data off the partition. Apart from these causes, a user might also end up deleting his/her partition. This can again lead to deletion of all data from the partition and if the partition had no backup then it might turn out to be a disaster.

Nevertheless, you now don’t have to worry if you end up losing data from your hard drive due to deletion of partition on Windows 7. With the above used software, you can effortlessly get data back from deleted partition on Windows 7 or any version of Windows.

When a user deletes his entire partition off from his hard drive, the data will not be permanently deleted or erased off from the drive. This data remains there in the memory even after the partition has been deleted. Yes, this data can be easily removed out from the memory only if you employ a deleted partition recovery software on your Windows 7.

However, this data corresponding to the deleted partition will remain on your hard drive as long as it is not overwritten by new data in the memory. One has to take utmost care to see to that no new data is written to the hard drive to prevent data overwrite because once your data gets overwritten it cannot be retrieved again. So, to successfully get data back from deleted partition on Windows 7, none of the deleted data should be overwritten.

Features of this Deleted Partition Recovery Software for Windows 7:

  • It can recover files of all types from your deleted partition on Windows 7 as this is the only application that identifies over hundred different file types while performing a recovery. This increases the chances of your file being seen by this software as well.
  • It recovers the data in a quick possible time.
  • All your recovered data can be saved to any folder of your choice after the software completes the recovery.
  • All the data from your deleted partition is recovered as a whole and in the original form.
  • It comes with a simple user interface that is easy to navigate and recover data from deleted partition on Windows 7.