Software to Recover Deleted Photos from Phone

Nowadays most of the people are using mobile phones all around the world. In early days mobile phones were used for communicating purpose only but now mobile phones are using not only for communicating purpose but also using for mobile internet. Mobile phones are calling as smart phones, these smart phones are came up with a good features such as touch screen display, high storage capacity and high camera clarity etc.

Because of these features people are using mobile cameras to capture the photos and store it instead of using digital cameras. Whatever features smart phones contains you cannot stop data deletion from it. When the data deletion problem occurs your important data like photos get deleted due to some known or unknown reasons, then it could be the big mess for you, however you need your photos back. In order to that make use of Lexar Image Rescue software to recover deleted photos from phone

Scenarios that causes the deletion of photo from phone:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion is one of the common scenarios, this occurs while previewing images on phone if you select the Delete option accidentally this may results in image deletion.
  • Virus attacks: Virus attacks are major problem on phone devices. Virus attacks occur due to using third party applications. By using of this third party applications data may get lost.
  • Mishandling Smartphone: Sometimes while transferring data between computer and mobile, if you accidentally remove memory card, then it leads to deletion of photos from phones.
  • Generally users delete needless files from phone because of its limited storage capacity. However, in some situation while deleting unnecessary files many users unknowingly delete some important files from phone memory by pressing delete all option.

Whatever may be the reason behind photo deletion, they can be recovered back by Lexar Image Rescue tool available on the market. There are some other scenarios that cause the deletion of photo from phone such as error while transferring and formatted when connected to computer etc. However you can recover deleted photos from phone with the help of Lexar Image Rescue software. If you want to know more about how to recover deleted photos from phone click here:

Lexar Image Rescue software is efficient and powerful software used to recover deleted images from phone memory. This application is a good user interfaces to carry out phone photo recovery in a very simple way. It is highly equipped with advanced scanning algorithm that helps in deep scanning of your phone memory to locate all deleted photos. After scanning, it can easily retrieve data from phone memory. Preview recovered files before actually saving it. It contains save recovery session to avoid rescanning and you can resume recovery session at any time during the process is going on. This software supports to recover almost all types of file formats such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, PSD, TIF, PNG and BMP etc. This software contains an inbuilt “Find” option to search a particular file by its name, date of creation, and file size. This software can run on all versions of Windows and Mac operating system.


  • Make use of good anti-virus software in order to prevent virus attacks.
  • Once the photo deletion happened again do not store your important photos in the same device.
  • While data transfer is going on do not remove memory card from your device to prevent photo loss.