How to Manage Multiple Pages On Word 2016?

MS Word includes a special feature that permits users to manage/view multiple pages at once. For example, one can manage two or more pages of Word document at same time. This can save pretty amount of time period when you wish to view multiple pages all at a time. Seeing multiple pages at same time allows user to get an idea of how the overall layout looks like.

Note! Sometimes, user face problem facing Word file. Word cannot start converter mswrd632 error displays making it difficult to view even a single file. It is suggested to make use of Word file repair tool to fix the issue and make it possible to view multiple pages on Word 2016.

How to View Multiple Pages at Once in Word 2016?

It is not a mystery. The implementation steps are very transparent and are prescribed below. Have a check-

  1. Make sure you are in “Print Layout” view to notice multiple pages at single time (If you are not sure which layout is presently active, click on the “View” option). Go to “Views” option of ‘Views’ tab, click on “Print Layout”.
  2. To view multiple numbers of pages at once, keep “View” tab in active mode. Place your pointer on the first page text that you wish to view in multiple-page view. From “Zoom” section, click on “Multiple Pages” (two pages will be displayed side-by-side by default action). The pages are shrunk in such a way that full pages can be viewed on screen. And that’s why viewing many pages at once is super cool for reviewing page layout. But it is not necessary for reading word document.
  3. In case if you wish to view back one page at a time, just click on “One Page” under “Zoom” section of “View” tab. (The page will be displayed, but appears smaller than 100 percent in size. To zoom it back to regular portal size, click on “100%” in “Zoom” section.
  4. View more than two pages at a time just by clicking the “Zoom” button from “Zoom” section of “View” tab. (“Zoom” dialog box appears. Zoom to various percentages, widths, or even the whole page. And to view multiple pages, select on “Many pages” button. Click to choose the monitor button that is placed below radio button. Then select the number of pages to be viewed at once using the drop-down option)
  5. The “Preview” option shows how the pages will look like. Click on “OK” to accept the adjustments and close “Zoom” dialog box.

The document view changes to display the number of pages all at same time that were specified.