How to Recover Data from Hitachi Travelstar?

External hard drives are most popular storage devices which are used to store large amount of data and keep backup. Among these external drives, Hitachi Travelstar is well known brand. In this, you can store various types of files for example picture files, video files, audio files and many more. So that when you need any file then you can access from the Hitachi Travelstar by using plug and play option. And also similar to the HDD on the Windows or Mac machine, you can make partitions on the external drives too. However, the main disadvantages that it is highly prone to corrupt and makes the stored data inaccessible. Sometimes, when you insert Hitachi Travelstar into computer, then, it might show an error that “please inserts a disk into removable drive”.

Have you ever faced such types of circumstances? Looking for the best ways to retrieve lost data from external disk drive? If you are thinking to say yes, then, no need to worry. Take advantages of this ExtFAT Recovery utility which will provide you the solution Hitachi Travelstar hard drive data recovery.

Few common circumstances which may leads to the loss of data from Hitachi Travelstar:

Bad sector: It is the main reason due to which you may lose accessibility of stored data on the portable disk drive. If any sector of the external drive gets scratched then you will not be able to access the existing data.

Corruption of MBR: The abbreviation of MBR is master boot record; it is a program which is stored on the first sector of the system hard drive and takes the responsibility whenever you restart the system then it tells on which partition an Operating system contains. If anything happen to the MBR then it will fails to load OS and leads to inaccessibility.

Abrupt removal of external USB: Imagine, you are playing videos or accessing some files directly form the external drive or transferring data from external disk drive to computer, if you remove abruptly before completion of the moving process then the file system of portable drive may gets corrupted.

Power failure: In general you plan to take the backup of stored data on the external drive, while taking backup, if your system turns to the switched off mode because of power failure, then, it might leads to the corruption of file system.

To avoid above discussed scenarios you need to take proper backup, suppose if user fails to take backup then this utility plays an important role recover data from different Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc. and Mac OS such as Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. This award winning utility has ability to retrieve data from various other storage devices such as USB drive, pen drive flash memory card and many more. To know more in detail how to recover FAT USB drive, hit here It supports recovery from various FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS and HFSX file system on many manufacturing brands for example Western Digital, Samsung, Sony, Transcend and so on.