How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

So, you want to recover data from a formatted hard drive right? Let’s move ahead as the guide below shows how to recover formatted hard drive data.

Download and install Remo Recover (a tool we are going to use for the recovery) on your Windows computer. Launch the tool and pick out ‘Recover Drives’ followed by ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’. Next, choose the drive which you have formatted and continue the process. Select or mark any individual file type in the next screen of the software and proceed to next step. You will have options to skip this feature as you will be allowed to do everything (you can customize the way you want). Continuing to the next step will scan the chosen formatted drive for lost and deleted data. You just have to wait some time for the process to finish.

As soon as it gets over, you will be able to access those files by previewing it and saving it on your computer. The software also reduces the effort and you can choose all files in one go. You will be having options to sort the files and folders according to their name, size, and modified date. Once everything is done, you will need to select the output destination folder for saving the files. That’s all you need to do and finally, see the formatted data on the chosen destination folder.

What makes Remo Recover perfect for Recovering Formatted Hard Drive Data?

The following set of features makes this software best for recovering data from formatted hard disk drives. The list is as follows.

  • Remo Recover software is designed with simple user interface which makes it really easy to use for recovering formatted, lost and deleted files / folders.
  • Ability to restore an unlimited amount of data. The features of the software are not limited and the users are able to retrieve more than 300 types of files.
  • Recovers all kinds of data from formatted hard drive such as pictures, videos, audio, compressed files, documents and other media file types, etc.
  • The tool allows users to preview the recovered files prior to saving it on the disk. Users will also be able to efficiently sort the files by their name, modified date, and size.
  • Allows users to recover files from all kinds of hard drives, solid state drives, USB drives, SD cards, firewire drives and all physical disk drives.

Causes of Hard Disk Drive Format

  • Due to the accidental format that leads to the loss or deletion of a wide amount of data present on that particular partition. This can result in a huge loss of data.
  • Due to the intrusion of many critical viruses that are designed to cause data loss or harm to the important data present on the computer.
  • Maybe due to the corruption of files which occurs due to the disruption of file / data transfer process, power outage, and similar scenarios.
  • Due to the disruption in formatting process, or accidental installation of OS on any important drive or choosing the different drive accidentally may result in loss of data in a huge volume.

In all such scenarios, data will get lost and you definitely need a software like Remo Recover to retrieve lost data from a formatted hard drive. Now you know how to recover formatted hard drive data, isn’t it?