Recover Lost Partition Data on Windows 8

Windows 8 is a most recent version of Microsoft Windows, which has wide selection of features and advanced technologies. You can utilize this OS on any laptop or computer, where you can store large amount of data from it. However, even after possessing such features you cannot stop data loss or deletion scenarios for this computer. Some reasons behind data loss or deletion could happen, due to all of a sudden erasing or formatting hard disks and by corrupted or damaged partition and so on. When you experience such situations, you will start searching for recovery tool that may retrieve your missing or deleted information completely. Is that true you are in search of recovery software? Then here is perfect and reliable Windows 8 Data Recovery Software which allows you to recover whole information in only few clicks.

It not only recovers data from windows 8 system hard drive, in addition it recovers files and folders by other storage products like USB drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive and FireWire drive etc. Moreover, if you connect USB drive to Windows PC because of some reason that gives error information like “Drive isn’t formatted”. When Windows says USB drive should be formatted, in this situation also this kind of recovery software allows you retain whole data with no trouble.

Fallowing causes would be the general reasons for lost or erased data:

  • By selecting wrong partition to install new Windows OS may lead to complete data loss. That means, even though installing newer type of Windows upon active partition just like “c:” you may have selected “d:” drive. Due to that, it results throughout entire data lost stored on “d:” drive/partition.
  • Due to sudden power failure, battery failure in laptop and so on can corrupt your file system of hard drive, while changing by FAT to NTFS or maybe vice versa.
  • Virus may appear by downloading virtually any virus infected applications via internet and as well if you connect any virus attacked removable storage device to system. Then it may corrupt file system of computer hard drive.

The best guidance to secure hard drive or partition information is backup data regularly with other storage device for data safety. Avoid overwriting information on deleted partition. Utilize updated anti-virus packages. To know details about partition retrieval on Windows 8 visit here:

Few important features of this software are:

  • This application is useful in deep scanning of whole computer hard drive to undelete missing or deleted files simple steps.
  • Rescues removed or lost information from partitions involving RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 hard disks on Windows 8 PC using inbuilt algorithms along with methods.
  • Retrieves each file formats just like audio, video, pictures and also other data without issues.
  • Supports to get back files from various file system forms (FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS along with NTFS5 etc.)
  • It has inbuilt option to generate Disk images to bypass bad sectors.
  • Entire information could be compressed in ZIP file format to save memory space.
  • It allows easy way to recover data on basis of their unique signature along with file name, date, size etc.