How to repair CRC mismatch in file ?

Want to send number of files adding them as attachments in your mail? Just WinZip it! It allows users to compress the file size thus freeing the memory space .It is an shareware application which allows compression of files and store them in the archives in the .ZIP format .The WinZip can pack, unpack, decode, direct writing of ZIP archives to the CD/DVD, emailing ZIP formats etc.
Although WinZip is secure but nowadays it is prone to corruption and loss of data. Worried about the CRC mismatch in file? Don’t worry here’s a solution to your worries. The Repair Zip file allows the user to repair the corrupted zip files within a few clicks.

Let’s know something about CRC!

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is an algorithm which detects any error caused during transmission and achieve in accuracy of the transmission file.

How to know: when WinZip corruption occurs

WZ91 CRC Error: this error is displayed when some of files in the archive is corrupted/damaged. Sometimes error occurs while downloading the file from the internet and some due to an invalid data is added to the Zip file. These can also be damaged due to excessive temperatures, magnetic fields etc.
The zip file recovered and the original file with third-party utilities can damaged the data stored on it due to fragmentation while recovery process.
Some data may also be lost as due to power surge while transfer of data is in process. There is also a situation in which the central directory (which stores the index of the zip files) gets corrupted, it damages a number of files in the archive.

Compression Methods:

WinZip courier allows two types of algorithm being
• Zip Legacy compatibility which uses the “DEFLATE” algorithm and is helpful when the mail recipient’s Zip utility is not known or used by older technologies. The default file extension is “.zip”.
• Zipx Best method allows the WinZip courier to select the most suitable compression algorithm for each file depending upon their file type. This method is suitable for those file when the compressed file is the primary concern. The default file extension is “.zipx”.

Why Repair Zip to recover CRC mismatch in file?
This software allows repair of all known formats of .zip (64 bit and 32 bit) and .zipx files from any storage media. This software is capable of repairing corrupted large sized CRC’s which are 4GB or more.
The Zip Repair tool is compatible to various operating systems like of Mac and Windows. This software allows repair of damaged data from hard disks, USB drives etc and also support fixing on NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 ,HFS and HFS+.
This software provides a “Preview” tool which allows files to be viewed even prior to the completion of the repair process. The “Find” tool allows finding the required file by refining their search by specifying the name, size, etc.
Losing data due to CRC mismatch error can be recovered with ease and the efficiency of the repaired files using the demo version. The free version is available to download throughout the internet but saving the repaired files requires upgrading to the pro version of it.