How to use USB Hard Drive Enclosure?

What is an External Hard Drive Enclosure?F4LEJIMGYY8FQA3.MEDIUM

It is used to make an internal hard drive by enclosing it in a case. Hard drive enclosure has many features such as giving traditional internal hard drive portability. If you use external hard drive then it also reduces the probability of data loss. It is also used to store data as a back up so that it doesn’t take up any additional space on your primary hard drive.

What are the Benefits of External Hard Drive Enclosure?

There are many benefits of using a hard drive enclosure which are mentioned below:

  • Adding extra storage space to store all media as well as files documents
  • Transferring data between non-networked computers, jokingly known as sneaker net
  • Store data as a back up
  • Easy and reasonably-priced approach to hot swapping
  • Protecting valuable data when virus attacks computers

How do you use an External Hard Drive Enclosure?

By enclosing an internal hard drive, hard drive enclosure works as an external hard drive. Follow some simple steps or instructions to prepare.

  • First of all, you have to determine what type of external hard drive enclosure you are looking for. It’s all depending upon what connections types are available to you. Different kind of enclosure use different interfaces. The most common among them is USB2, but they also come in USB3, eSATA, Firewire, etc.
  • If your enclosure is USB2, you can plug it into almost on any computer. Windows operating system has drivers for USB2 external drives since Windows 95 SP1. If you are using other interfaces then you may require drivers to be installed. In Windows 7, most interfaces drivers were already installed.
  • A 3.5″ enclosure can hold a 3.5″ drive, or a 2.5″ drive. If you have a 3.5″ drive in it then you have to plug in power to power up the drive.
  • If you have a 2.5″ drive then you may be able to power it from the USB port.
  • Installing the drive is straightforward. You open the enclosure, connect the drive to the interface board, probably fasten the drive to the enclosure in some way, and close up the enclosure again. Be careful not to zap the interface board or the hard drive board – static can destroy either.