Iomega HDD Data Recovery Tool

Iomega HDD is an external storage device used globally for maintaining copies of important data files. Data files can be of any category such as music file, movie files, audio files, disk image files, applications, picture files, etc.  In order to prevent data files from getting deleted from computer, you store them on external hard drive. But you may not be familiar with the situations that will create data loss from external HDD.

You will be thinking that maintaining copies of important files on external hard drives will reduce the data loss risks. Mistakes happen while using external hard drives will produce data loss. While creating partitions using disk management utility it happens you may format the hard drive by mistake. Formatting hard drive will delete entire data from external hard drive.

Accidental formatting of external hard drive will also take place when you abruptly remove external hard drive from desktop or laptop without following safely remove hardware steps. In this situation file system of Iomega HDD gets damaged due to which operating system prompts you to format the hard drive. If by mistake you accept the notification then entire data will be deleted after formatting the external HDD.

Apart from formatting of Iomega HDD there are several other situations which will cause data loss. Scenarios such as shift + deleting data from external HDD, deletion of virus affected files by antivirus application, file system conflicts and many others.

All above stated situations will place you in worrying about data recovery tool that can effortlessly recover data from external drive. Don’t bother anymore because the remedy for data loss problem is ready for use. Pay a visit to: and download external drive recovery software. Install it in your PC and follow few steps to recover your deleted data from Iomega external drive. This application is well rated by all users throughout the world. Let’s have a look over some top features of this data recovery tool.

Top features of external drive recovery software

  • External drive recovery software is developed to recover data lost from external hard drives due to various scenarios mentioned earlier.
  • It has unique data recovery technique that inspects entire external hard drive and retrieves deleted or lost data within few minutes.
  • If the data is lost from external drives due to occurrence of bad sector then this application will create a replica of data stored in bad sector area of hard drives and retrieves it without trouble.
  • It supports various file systems like NTFS, HFSX, Ex-FAT, FAT 32 and more.
  • Easily recover data from Iomega external drive created with various RAID levels.
  • Desktop or laptop computer consisting different operating system version of Mac or Windows can used to install this application.
  • After the data recovery process you can preview recovered files.

Note: Activate external drive data recovery application completely, if you wish to save recovered files in your PC.