Know how to Delete Data Permanently from Hard drive

imagesDrive wipe is a software based method to remove the data from the hard drive by overwriting the existing data, so that data saved on the drive cannot recover by using any professional recovery program. Permanent data removal from the storage drive goes beyond the normal data deletion commands, which only erase the direct pointers to the data disk sectors, so that data recovery can be done with the help of any third party recovery tools. In this software based data removal technique, overwrite existing data saved on the drive multiple times, so that possibility of data recovery from the drive is very less.

If you want to completely remove data from hard drive, then it is not as easy as deleting everything on it. In order to fully erase data from the drive forever, you need to take some extra steps. When you format a data storage drive, then the data actually saved on the drive does not erase permanently because this process removes only the location information. Due to this, an operating system is also unable to see the data saved on the drive because drive looks like empty. Though, all the deleted data is still in the drive and remain there until you completely erase them from the drive.

Sometimes, you can use hard drive for further saving new data files. If new data files saved in this memory location where old deleted data was saved, then it will completely remove the data from the drive and cannot be recovered. If the deleted data is still present on the drive, then it can create a problem for you because there is a chance of exposing sensitive personal data from the drive. This deleted may contains account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and other financial information.

Let us see the most common ways of data deletion from the drive:

Accidental removing the data from the drive while removing other useless data files can lead to inaccessibility of data saved on the drive but this accidental deletion of data does not ensure the permanent data removal from the drive. It can be recovered by using an advanced professional data recovery program.

Formatting the hard drive is another way of removing the complete data from the drive. In this format process, all the data saved on the drive get removed in a single mouse clicks. Data removed by using this format process can also be recovered because it only removed the pointer of data not data from the drive.

Deletion the by using key combinations such as “Shift + Delete” on Windows based system and “Command + Delete” on Mac based computer can also remove the data from the drive. But these key combinations erase the data saved on the drive but not permanently.

Deleting hard drive partition during reinstalling operating system or while creating a new drive volume can also delete the entire data saved on the volume.