Recover Data from Formatted Portable Hard Drive

Have you lost data from portable hard drive due to format? Do you how to restore data from formatted portable hard drive? If your answer is no, then you need to read through the following lines. In these days, portable hard drive is widely used to transfer, store and back up files that facilitates life and work a lot. Although a portable hard drive is not the most important part of a system, it might be the most important part to you. This is because portable hard drive contains your data like photos, daily shot videos, movies, and other useful stuff, which records valuable moments or important working files on it.

But unfortunately still like other data storage devices, data loss happens to portable hard drive. And one of the common cause that leads to loss of data from portable hard drive is due to accidental format. What’s worse, you don’t have a backup copy of lost files. Don’t worry, just be calm now it is possible to recover files from formatted portable hard drive with the support of reliable third party toolkit. Thanks to the new data recovery technology, it is possible to restore data from formatted portable hard drives as long as you use excellent portable drive recovery software and take correct steps. Portable drive recovery is the right choice, for it can recover data from portable hard drives due to format. Go through this page- to know how to restore files from formatted portable hard drive.

Some of the reasons that compels you to format portable hard drive

Format error can make you lose entire files from portable hard drive. For an instance you have connected your portable hard drive to the system to transfer some important files. And as soon you connect, it displayed a message “drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now”. If you press “OK” then it leads to complete loss of files from your portable hard drive. If your portable hard drive’s memory is almost full. If you want to transfer some files to the portable hard drive and in case the file size is very large, then you may format the external hard drive and later realize that it had some necessary files on it. If your portable hard drive is corrupted then you may opt for the format process to get rid of corruption issue and finally ends up with loss of files stored on it.

Other than these reasons, you may format portable hard drive and results in data loss. But portable drive recovery tool has an ability to restore files from formatted portable hard drive in few minutes. This program can recover files from external hard drive of different brands like Seagate, Toshiba, SanDisk, Transcend and many more by following few simple steps. Therefore it is very easy to recover data from Toshiba portable hard drive with the help of this portable drive recovery toolkit by following few simple steps. Portable drive recovery tool supports file recovery from external hard drives such as Western Digital My Passport Essential, Western Digital Essential USB Passport Edition, Iomega Prestige 2 TB USB 2.0, WD Elements SE, etc. This program can retrieve files from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partitions. It has an ability to retrieve data from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, iPods, MMC flash memory cards, XD, SD, FireWire drives, etc.

Best Way to Recover Partition Not Initialized Error

The hard disk is most important storage component of any computer because hard disk is responsible to store any kind of data in it. Initially when you purchase hard disk then you can find single partition on it that means the entire disks space can be considered as single partition but later the partition can be divided into number of partition to store the files and folders in it. Sometimes the computer users will face the problem and it raises the error messages like “Disk 1 Not Initialized.” Once you get this kind of error message then you will lose the access to the data which is present on such partitions.

If anyone gets this kind of error message than immediately he / she will think that how to recover partition not initialized error? If currently you are facing such kind of error message then no need to worry. It’s because today many partition recovery tools are available among such recovery tools Partition Recovery Software is one of the ultimate solution for your problem. By making use of such tools you can easily recover partition not initialized error.

Reasons behind partition not initialized errors

Software Conflict: Once the software conflicts occur then that will severely damage the File Allocation Table. Once the File Allocation Table is damaged severely then it will raise such kind of Disk Not Initialized error and you will lose the data from such partitions.

Abrupt System Shutdown: If you are performing the partition size expandable / reducing task during this if sudden system shutdown occurs then it will corrupt the partition and it will generate the error message like Partition Not Initialized error.

Improper usage of Disk Management: Disk management utility is used to alter the size of the partitions. Sometimes it can end with partition deletion or partition loss and once the disk management utility is used improperly then you will get this kind of error messages.

Virus Attack: Virus is most common but most critical reason for partition corruption because some severe virus may attacks the boot sector of your hard drive. Once the boot sector of your hard drive is corrupted then it will generate such kind of errors.

Outstanding features of Partition Recovery Software

  • This renowned tool can be used on both computer as well as laptop partitions to recover data from partition that shows initialized error messages.
  • This software can be easily used on both windows and Mac system.
  • The user interface of the software is very much easy and by using this interface you can easily perform recovery of partition.
  • This software is having the “preview” option using this it can be possible to know the data before going to store it on system.
  • This application is used to recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and ExFAT which is corrupted or damaged.
  • It can be used to recover any kind of logical partition issues. To know more in detail about logical partition recovery then click here:

Software to Recover Deleted Photos from Phone

Nowadays most of the people are using mobile phones all around the world. In early days mobile phones were used for communicating purpose only but now mobile phones are using not only for communicating purpose but also using for mobile internet. Mobile phones are calling as smart phones, these smart phones are came up with a good features such as touch screen display, high storage capacity and high camera clarity etc.

Because of these features people are using mobile cameras to capture the photos and store it instead of using digital cameras. Whatever features smart phones contains you cannot stop data deletion from it. When the data deletion problem occurs your important data like photos get deleted due to some known or unknown reasons, then it could be the big mess for you, however you need your photos back. In order to that make use of Lexar Image Rescue software to recover deleted photos from phone

Scenarios that causes the deletion of photo from phone:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion is one of the common scenarios, this occurs while previewing images on phone if you select the Delete option accidentally this may results in image deletion.
  • Virus attacks: Virus attacks are major problem on phone devices. Virus attacks occur due to using third party applications. By using of this third party applications data may get lost.
  • Mishandling Smartphone: Sometimes while transferring data between computer and mobile, if you accidentally remove memory card, then it leads to deletion of photos from phones.
  • Generally users delete needless files from phone because of its limited storage capacity. However, in some situation while deleting unnecessary files many users unknowingly delete some important files from phone memory by pressing delete all option.

Whatever may be the reason behind photo deletion, they can be recovered back by Lexar Image Rescue tool available on the market. There are some other scenarios that cause the deletion of photo from phone such as error while transferring and formatted when connected to computer etc. However you can recover deleted photos from phone with the help of Lexar Image Rescue software. If you want to know more about how to recover deleted photos from phone click here:

Lexar Image Rescue software is efficient and powerful software used to recover deleted images from phone memory. This application is a good user interfaces to carry out phone photo recovery in a very simple way. It is highly equipped with advanced scanning algorithm that helps in deep scanning of your phone memory to locate all deleted photos. After scanning, it can easily retrieve data from phone memory. Preview recovered files before actually saving it. It contains save recovery session to avoid rescanning and you can resume recovery session at any time during the process is going on. This software supports to recover almost all types of file formats such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, PSD, TIF, PNG and BMP etc. This software contains an inbuilt “Find” option to search a particular file by its name, date of creation, and file size. This software can run on all versions of Windows and Mac operating system.


  • Make use of good anti-virus software in order to prevent virus attacks.
  • Once the photo deletion happened again do not store your important photos in the same device.
  • While data transfer is going on do not remove memory card from your device to prevent photo loss.




Recover Data from Android after Factory Reset

Factory reset is a full restore of an electronic device like Android Smartphone to its factory settings. Factory reset entails deleting of all the files stored in the device. It is essentially the same as reformatting the hard drive. This process of factory reset might become necessary on the device that no longer works. Many issues with the handheld such as freezing can be resolved by performing the factory reset. But while performing this factory reset process, you must be cautious enough as it can delete all the files stored on it.

Do you know what happened when you do factory reset on Android device? After executing factory reset on the Android device, it wipes all the files off the internal storage of the device and then returns to its default factory settings. This in turn deletes all the files such as contacts, messages, call logs, music files, documents, photos, videos and other files that is stored on the Android phone.

When you come across such instances of data loss due to factory reset on Android Smartphone then how would you recover those files? Do you know which application must be applied to resolve data loss issues from Android that is causes due to factory reset? Well, there is no need to get worried at all. Nowadays, technology has improved a lot and you get an ultimate solution on recovery of data from Android factory reset with the help of the reliable third party software named as Android recovery. If you are interested to gain complete information on how to recover data from Android after factory reset then follow this page- .

Now let us learn what are the factors that results in loss of data from Android due to factory reset. Assume one of the scenario like you had collected large number of photos, videos and movie files on your Android Smartphone from many years together. All of a sudden you come to know that Android Smartphone starts freezing and you are unable to handle. In order to overcome this issue, you executed a factory reset without even taking the backup of the files. After completion of factory reset on Android you were late to realize about the absence of backup. As you reset the Android, many of the files that you have stored were lost. Sometimes you might accidentally clicked on factory reset button and reset your Android phone to factory settings. On some situation, Android Smartphone may hang or shows error messages where you need to carry out factory reset process. Due to this all the files stored on the Android gets deleted.

Get an ultimate solution to overcome all these issues with the help of this reliable Android recovery software. This utility makes you easy to execute Android data recovery process without facing any sort of complexity. This program supports data recovery on many numbers of Android OS that includes 2.3.x Gingerbread, 2.2 Froyo, 4.1.x Jelly Bean, 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich, etc. Only by following the few simple steps that is provided by this Android recovery tool, you can easily carry out Android data recovery process in a fraction of minutes. Android recovery toolkit has an ability to retrieve data after factory reset on different Windows versions such as Windows server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2010, Windows 2003, etc.

Best Utility to Recover Data from Dynamic disk

Most o f the system users are not aware of dynamic disk, dynamic disk is nothing but physical drive which can be used to increase the performance and storage space of the system by using Logical Disk Manager (LDM) database. It is can be enhanced form of data storage on Windows and consists of dynamic partitions like stripped, mirrored, and RAID5 partitions. One of the major draw back associated with this dynamic disk is that it can’t be possible to take the backup of the disk. Because of this reason if you have encountered any data loss through dynamic disk then it’s quite difficult to recover the lost data.

There are many scenarios that may encounter due to which you may encounter the problems like data loss from dynamic disk. Any how if you have come across with any of the data loss scenarios then don’t panic because here you have solution for your problem by using most effective Dynamic Disk Recovery Tool and by using this tool you can easily recover data from dynamic disk.

Data loss scenarios of dynamic disk

Dual Booting: If you have less disk space and you have decided to install two different Operating systems on a single machine such as Fedora and XP then.  Latter you may have abandon that plan and decided to connect the dynamic disk and then loaded the system. Due to any of the reasons your XP OS has corrupted and you might have reformatted the hard disk and installed Windows XP once again but you found that your dynamic disk is inaccessible and lost the entire data which was present on it.

File System Conversation: File system is mainly responsible for keeping the information regarding the files. When the system users formatted their system then the entire data present on the system may get erased from the system. Once the entire data formatted then it’s not possible to change the file system because bit data should be present to change the file system. In this process their may be chance of huge data loss from the hard disk.

Drive Formatting: Sometimes it has been seen that accidentally you may select the other drive and perform the drive formatting due to which there will be huge amount of data loss.

Effective features of dynamic disk

  • This tool has effective recovery engine by utilizing this feature you can perform recovery task on dynamic disk.
  • It can recover data from the various hard drive partitions type like RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 array.
  • This application allows you to perform the dynamic disk recovery operation on all the latest version of the Windows.
  • This utility can recover data from dynamic disk which has been formatted by using different file system FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
  • Once the data is recovered, the files can be previewed and can be saved on any desired location.
  • By making use of this tool it is possible to recover different data storage devices such as removable hard drive, removable storage media, iPods and etc. To know more in detail about data recovery just click here:

Recover Lost Partition Data on Windows 8

Windows 8 is a most recent version of Microsoft Windows, which has wide selection of features and advanced technologies. You can utilize this OS on any laptop or computer, where you can store large amount of data from it. However, even after possessing such features you cannot stop data loss or deletion scenarios for this computer. Some reasons behind data loss or deletion could happen, due to all of a sudden erasing or formatting hard disks and by corrupted or damaged partition and so on. When you experience such situations, you will start searching for recovery tool that may retrieve your missing or deleted information completely. Is that true you are in search of recovery software? Then here is perfect and reliable Windows 8 Data Recovery Software which allows you to recover whole information in only few clicks.

It not only recovers data from windows 8 system hard drive, in addition it recovers files and folders by other storage products like USB drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive and FireWire drive etc. Moreover, if you connect USB drive to Windows PC because of some reason that gives error information like “Drive isn’t formatted”. When Windows says USB drive should be formatted, in this situation also this kind of recovery software allows you retain whole data with no trouble.

Fallowing causes would be the general reasons for lost or erased data:

  • By selecting wrong partition to install new Windows OS may lead to complete data loss. That means, even though installing newer type of Windows upon active partition just like “c:” you may have selected “d:” drive. Due to that, it results throughout entire data lost stored on “d:” drive/partition.
  • Due to sudden power failure, battery failure in laptop and so on can corrupt your file system of hard drive, while changing by FAT to NTFS or maybe vice versa.
  • Virus may appear by downloading virtually any virus infected applications via internet and as well if you connect any virus attacked removable storage device to system. Then it may corrupt file system of computer hard drive.

The best guidance to secure hard drive or partition information is backup data regularly with other storage device for data safety. Avoid overwriting information on deleted partition. Utilize updated anti-virus packages. To know details about partition retrieval on Windows 8 visit here:

Few important features of this software are:

  • This application is useful in deep scanning of whole computer hard drive to undelete missing or deleted files simple steps.
  • Rescues removed or lost information from partitions involving RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 hard disks on Windows 8 PC using inbuilt algorithms along with methods.
  • Retrieves each file formats just like audio, video, pictures and also other data without issues.
  • Supports to get back files from various file system forms (FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS along with NTFS5 etc.)
  • It has inbuilt option to generate Disk images to bypass bad sectors.
  • Entire information could be compressed in ZIP file format to save memory space.
  • It allows easy way to recover data on basis of their unique signature along with file name, date, size etc.

Renovate Failed Hard Drive

The Hard Drive is the machine’s major and typically greatest capacity device that helps you to store all the information, for example, music documents, films, photographs, and RAW picture records and so on the machine for all time. It was initially presented in the year 1956. You can additionally make utilization of Hard Disk Drive to store working framework, programming titles and the larger part of different records. The capacity limit of these hard drives normally goes a few Gigabytes (GBs) to a few Tera bytes (TB’s). However, it is valuable there are circumstances that prompt hard drive disappointment. At the point when hard drive neglects to work you can even purchase another hard drive yet, shouldn’t something be said about the valuable measure of information, which you put away on hard drive without taking information back up? Will you purchase it? Of Course the answer sounds negative, however you can’t purchase or make same records once more, in any case, now it is conceivable to get back information from fizzled hard drive with the assistance of effective Hard Drive Recovery Software. This product is the best retrieval programming which is particularly proposed to recover your significant information from a few information misfortune circumstances inside a slightest measure of time.

Before hard drive neglects to work totally, it demonstrates certain signs. On the off chance that you recognize those side effects or cautioning blunders and take whole reinforcement of your information then, when hard drive disappointment happens you will be on more secure side.

There are a few cautioning signs showed by hard drive before it fizzles, for example, amid the boot process or while chipping away at machine solidifying of machine screen, abruptly your machine may quit working and doesn’t acknowledge any data from a console or mouse and consequently, sparing or getting to records may get to be moderate, anomalous commotion originating from the hard drive is appoint of its disappointment which can thusly harm read/compose head and the platters get to be misaligned or are totally bolted up, Non-Recognizable drive and so forth.

As, expressed before you can overcome from any of the circumstances specified above utilizing dependable Hard Drive Recovery Software. This product is fabricated with cutting edge emphasizes that effectively help you to recover fizzled hard drive information because of different reasons (separated from the reasons said above) on Windows OS. Separated from recovering fizzled hard drive, this product likewise helps you to recoup Crashed, ruined, arranged, re-apportioned, unbootable hard drive and even hard drive which has awful segments. By utilizing this product you can likewise recover either, erased or lost information from other diverse stockpiling devices, for example, memory Cards, iPods, glimmer drives, USB drives and so on separated from hard drive. It is perfect to recover fizzled hard drive on all the most recent renditions of Windows working frameworks like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 working frameworks and additionally on all the most recent forms of Mac working frameworks. This product additionally backings hard drive displays that has SCSI, SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE and Firewire drive interfaces. Subsequently, it is viewed as a standout amongst the most proposed programming to get back fizzled hard drive information. Make utilization of the demo variant of the product so as to attempt more prominent shots of your information either, erased or lost getting recovered from fizzled hard drive inside minutes.

Best Way for Hard drive Recovery

Hard Disk Drive is a separate part in your working computer. It is used to store huge amount of data. You can store different file formats like audio recordings, video files, text files etc. Generally user repartition the hard disk drive in intention to resize it, this means to decrease the space of partition or to increase the space of partition that may be present on hard drive, also one can repartition the hard disk drive to erase the existed partition in order to create new partition into the hard disk drive.

The procedure of repartitioning is usually accomplished for better management regarding data. But in situation, if you get any interruption at the same time of repartitioning then it could cause severe data loss. This situation might cause inaccessibility of data and sometimes the partition gets invisible to user. Imagine you lost important data on account of error during process of repartitioning hard disk, what is the solution with this situation? You need not to go anywhere; here is the better solution for this scenario, My Partition Recovery application. By making use with this software data recovery after repartitioning hard drive is possible with very few clicks of mouse.

Data loss on account of repartitioning hard drive has many reasons. Let’s possess precise look on handful of reasons:

  • User mistake- Within the process of repartitioning, there are chances you’ll select and delete the partition in hard disk by mistake. At the same instance, in the process of resizing partition chances are you’ll format any partition from the hard drive.
  • Third party usage- For repartitioning the hard drive, usage of any third party utility which utility is not trustworthy then it could make you lose vital data loss from hard disk drive.

In addition to previously mentioned, situations like power failing, abrupt system shut along, bad sectors in the hard disk etc. will also cause severe data loss from your hard drive. Reasons for data loss after repartitioning process could be known or unknown for you but by using My Partition Recovery software you can recover all your important data definitely. You can also visit the link:

Features of My Partition Recuperation software-

With the aid regarding My Partition Recovery software you possibly can recover data from partitions such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT file system. It efficiently recovers data from hard disk interfaces like SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE and so on. It has capability to recover data from most in-demand brands like Buffalo, Seagate, Samsung, Dell, Developed Digital, Sony, SanDisk, Kingston and much more other brands. It supports Windows operating system versions such as Home windows 7 Windows 8 (Standard and Enterprise), Windows XP (Starter, Home, Professional and so on), and Windows Vista (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Final, Business, and Enterprise). Along with Windows operating system it also works for Mac OS X operating system version such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard. To recover data through bad sectors on hard disk, it creates image of the disk from which it bypasses undesirable sectors and recovers the info.

Finest Way to Restore Data from SD Card

Currently Secure Digital cards have grown most popular due to its necessity. SD cards are most often used in various digital devices like iPods, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders etc to increase their storage capacity. These storage cards include capacity to store any type of data such as images, audio, video, document, applications etc.

However, SD cards also have some type of data deletion scenarios such as other storage devices. In case you have deleted any of crucial data from SD card and wish to recover it back then don’t fret. Because, restore deleted data from SD card is possible by using most effective SD Card Deleted Data Recovery Software. By utilizing this advanced tool you possibly can recover data that has been deleted due to below mentioned scenarios.

Scenarios of data deletion from SD card

Interruption during Data Transfer: While transferring data from SD card to the system, if any interruption occurs such as abrupt ejection of SD card, sudden system shutdown may results in deletion of data from SD card.

Accidental Deletion: If your SD card is running short of memory, then you may delete unwanted data from it. But while deleting undesirable data, there are chances that you might accidentally select and delete some of your essential files accidentally through your SD card.

Virus Attack: Due to many reasons it is often seen that SD cards gets infected by virus; usually infected SD cards may connect with system and perform virus scanning by using any third party antivirus program. During this process some infected files may get delete without any type of notice or alert.

Features of SD card deleted data recovery

  • SD Card Deleted Data Recovery software has strong scanning algorithm which helps to restore deleted files from SD card within short time period.
  • This product has been smartly designed to recover any kind of file like text file, PPT file, image file, audio file, video file etc.
  • This software includes a capability to recover data from corrupted SD cards.
  • SD Card Deleted Data Recovery software has capable to recover data from formatted SD cards.
  • This utility has capacity to get back deleted data from various brands of SD cards like Samsung, Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, HP etc.
  • This application is capable of restore data from external hard drives, USB drives, Flash drives etc. For more details click:
  • Once the deleted files recovered from SD card, it will provide facility to “Preview” restored data before restoration.
  • This tool perfectly works on Windows Operating system in addition to Mac OS like Mac OS Lion, Mac Leopard, and Mac Leopard.

Precautions to prevent photo deletion

  • While data transfer happens avoid abrupt ejection of SD card.
  • Always use trusted antivirus software to scan your SD card to prevent it from virus.
  • While deleting files, try to confirm that selected file for deletion is desired file one or not.
  • By making use of UPS it is possible to prevent sudden system shutdown which occurs due to power surge.

Der einfachste Weg, um Daten wiederherzustellen

Heutzutage Computer spielen eine wichtige Rolle in unserem Leben von Tag zu Tag; mit Hilfe dieser Maschinen kann man möglicherweise verschiedene Arten von computerbezogenen Aufgaben zu erledigen leicht. Diese Computer werden mit einem fantastischen Speichergerät, das als Festplatte bezeichnet wird mitgeliefert. Alle Daten, die wir in unserem Computer zu halten, wird in dieser Festplatte gespeichert wurde.

Aber manchmal passiert es, dass die gespeicherten Daten von der Festplatte verloren gehen, es ist wirklich sehr ärgerlich, wenn eine wichtige Datei verloren. Aber jetzt haben Sie keine Sorgen zu machen, denn die verlorenen Daten könnten ohne hassling mehr wiederhergestellt werden, und die Datenwiederherstellung durchführen ein potenter Daten-Retrieval-Software verfügbar ist. Datenrettungs-Tool ist eine überwältigende Tool, das von bedeutenden Daten-Recovery-Spezialisten entwickelt worden ist, und ist die am meisten bevorzugte Software, um verlorene oder gelöschte Daten wiederherzustellen. Für weitere Informationen über die Datenwiederherstellung, klicken Sie hier:

Lassen Sie uns einen kurzen Diskussion auf einige wichtige Szenarien, die Daten an, um vom Computer verloren gehen:

  • unbeabsichtigtes Löschen: Löschen wichtiger Daten von Computer ist sicherlich eine abnormale Sache, es ist eine Fehlbedienung durch den Benutzer des Computers durchgeführt, während das Löschen unnötiger Dateien. Nach dem Löschen sind sie entschuldigend über ihre Fehler.
  • Virenangriff: Es ist eine bekannte Tatsache, dass Computer-Viren sind die schrecklichsten Programme, die schwere Zerstörung von Computer-Dateien verursachen, wenn diese Viren in das System bekommt sie die Dateien, die unzugänglich so werden Sie Daten verlieren werden beschädigen.
  • Falsche Abzweigung des Computers: Falsche Abzweigung von Computer kann schädlich sein, manchmal; wenn Sie plötzlich das System auszuschalten ohne Abschluss die Programme dann können Sie sicher Daten verlieren.

Zusammen mit diesen, gibt es einige andere Gründe, die machen könnte Daten von Computer verloren gehen. Aber wie bereits gesagt, die verlorenen Daten können mit Daten-Recovery-Anwendung wiederhergestellt werden, alles, was Sie tun sollten, ist nur zu verwenden Datenrettungs-Tool und wieder verlorene oder gelöschte Daten.

Hervorhebung Merkmale der Daten-Recovery-Software werden im Folgenden erörtert:

  • Daten-Recovery-Anwendung ist ein hervorragendes Werkzeug, die meisten, die die Kapazität der Wiederherstellung von verlorenen oder gelöschten Daten hat.
  • Mit dieser Software können finden Daten nach format.
  • Es ist eine vertrauenswürdige Software, die frei von allen Arten von gefährlichen und schädlichen Viren ist.
  • Dieses Tool kann problemlos wiederherstellen verschiedenen Arten von verlorenen oder gelöschten Dateien, einschließlich Word-Dokumente, PPT-Dateien, PDF-Dateien, Audiodateien, Videodateien, Bilder etc.
  • Es ist eine Anwendung, die Wiederherstellung von Daten aus verschiedenen Arten von Festplatten wie SATA, IDE, ATA, SCSI etc. unterstützt
  • Zusammen mit Computern, kann dieses Tool Ihnen helfen, verlorene oder gelöschte Daten aus verschiedenen Arten von externen Speichergerät wie externe Festplatten, FireWire-Laufwerke, Speicherkarten, Memory Sticks, USB-Sticks usw. wiederherstellen
  • Mit dieser Software die verlorene oder gelöschte Daten können in einer sehr kurzen Zeitspanne wiederhergestellt werden.
  • Diese Anwendung kann einfach mit Windows-und Mac-Computern zu arbeiten.

Laden Sie die Testversion von oben genannten Daten-Recovery-Software von Web und auf Ihrem Computer installieren. Durch die folgenden Schritte richtigen Bildschirm verlorene oder gelöschte Daten. Falls Sie bekommen zufrieden mit der Testversion dann kaufen ihre Lizenzausgabe.