Simple Way of Recovering Data from Micro SD Card

SD card is the portable small storage devices that are mostly used in mobiles, tabs, iPods, camera, etc. Mostly SD cards are used to store and retrieve media files like image files, video files and audio files. Apart from media files SD cards do support many other type of files such as PDF files, documents, apps and many other file types. There are two types of SD cards one is Macro SD card and other is micro SD card. There are many featured brands that are manufacturing SD cards such as Transcend, Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, Panasonic, Lexar, Fujifilm, etc.

sd_card_recoveryDespite of the advanced features of the SD card there are chances of loss or deletion of files from it. Suppose some important media files are stored in the SD card and due to any problem all those files are deleted. Whenever important files are lost from any storage device then it will be a frustrating moment for you. So you will try to find the way to recover data from micro SD card Mac, but manual way is not available to recover. Data recovery from micro SD card Mac is possible by opting for effective recovering third party tool.

Scenarios that is responsible for deletion or loss of files from micro SD card:

Accidental format: In storage devices there will be an option to delete all the files in a single click called “Format”. This option is used when there is no useful data in the storage device. If you select format option click ok button unintentionally, then all the important files that are stored in the SD card will be lost.

Improper handling: Since the SD card are portable, mostly SD cards are inserted and removed again and again from many devices. Due to this there are chances of SD card getting physically damages and leads to loss of files from SD card. Even physical damage may happen due to improper handling of SD card.

Virus infection: There are more chances of corruption of SD card because it is portable and will be inserting the SD card in many devices to transfer files. So if the device has virus in it then there are chances of virus getting inside the SD card. So virus may lead to loss of files present in the SD card.

If your files from SD card get deleted due to any of the above cited reason, then you simply make use of Micro SD Card Recovery Tool. This software is very effective and it is used throughout the world and received excellent results from many experts.

Significant features of Micro SD Card Recovery Tool:

  • Micro SD Card Recovery Tool has user friendly interface that makes the users to recover deleted and lost files in easy and with few simple steps.
  • This software is applicable for different versions Windows (Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc) and Mac (Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard).
  • Save Recovery Session the unique feature of this software. You can save the scanned information of deleted or lost files from SD card and there will be no need to rescan again.
  • Demo version is available to check the working of this software.
  • 24*7 technical support team is available.

Prioritize the Steps to Repair Photoshop Files Easily

Photoshop is the interesting application where you can create, edit and modify digital images professionally and personally. The images created using Photoshop will be in .psd or .pdd extension. Due to its advanced and easy process to edit or create images Photoshop is abundantly used application all around the world. Photoshop enables you to crop, reduce, change color, adjoining images, etc by using Photoshop. There are many versions of Photoshop versions such as Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1, 5, 5.5. Among all these versions Photoshop CS6 is the latest version.

maxresdefaultConsider a scenario: You have created a logo image file using Photoshop for your company and due to header corruption of that logo image, it is not accessible. If you don’t have sufficient time to recreate the logo image, then you will be frustrated a lot. In this situation you will start doing many manual tasks to repair inaccessible logo image. Unfortunately there is no manual way to repair Photoshop files and you need to opt for any PSD header repairing third party tool to repair the inaccessible PSD files.

Apart from the file header corruption there are many other scenarios that are responsible for the corruption of Photoshop files. Let us discuss few of them:

Abrupt shutdown of Photoshop: While working on Photoshop if the system gets abruptly shut down due to power surge or any other problem then there are chances of Photoshop files getting corrupted.

Virus infection: Virus is the main reason for the corruption of files. Virus may enter into your computer when the files are transferred from any virus infected devices or while downloading files from any virus infected websites. If the virus is severe then the virus may lead to corruption of PSD files also.

Problem in Photoshop: In Photoshop there might any problem due to improper installation or upgrading. If you try to edit or create any image using this faulty Photoshop then this may cause corruption of your image file.

If your important Photoshop files got corrupted due to any of the above mentioned reasons then you need to simply download and install Repair Photoshop software. This PSD header repair software is very popular throughout the world and has received excellent results from many experts. There is no need of technical skills and you manage this software and normal users can easily maintain this software, because it has user friendly interface that enables you to repair the corrupted Photoshop files in few simple clicks. Also it is safe software to repair the image files because it adopts read only technique i.e. this software will just read the corrupted Photoshop file and creates a new similar healthy file without disturbing the original image file.

It provides demo version by which you can freely download and repair the corrupted PSD file. If you are satisfied with the working of the software then you can purchase the full version of this software in order to save the repaired PSD file. This software can be applicable for different versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, etc) and Mac (Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard) operating system. If you need any assistance regarding this software, then you can contact technical support team that available for 24*7.

How to use USB Hard Drive Enclosure?

What is an External Hard Drive Enclosure?F4LEJIMGYY8FQA3.MEDIUM

It is used to make an internal hard drive by enclosing it in a case. Hard drive enclosure has many features such as giving traditional internal hard drive portability. If you use external hard drive then it also reduces the probability of data loss. It is also used to store data as a back up so that it doesn’t take up any additional space on your primary hard drive.

What are the Benefits of External Hard Drive Enclosure?

There are many benefits of using a hard drive enclosure which are mentioned below:

  • Adding extra storage space to store all media as well as files documents
  • Transferring data between non-networked computers, jokingly known as sneaker net
  • Store data as a back up
  • Easy and reasonably-priced approach to hot swapping
  • Protecting valuable data when virus attacks computers

How do you use an External Hard Drive Enclosure?

By enclosing an internal hard drive, hard drive enclosure works as an external hard drive. Follow some simple steps or instructions to prepare.

  • First of all, you have to determine what type of external hard drive enclosure you are looking for. It’s all depending upon what connections types are available to you. Different kind of enclosure use different interfaces. The most common among them is USB2, but they also come in USB3, eSATA, Firewire, etc.
  • If your enclosure is USB2, you can plug it into almost on any computer. Windows operating system has drivers for USB2 external drives since Windows 95 SP1. If you are using other interfaces then you may require drivers to be installed. In Windows 7, most interfaces drivers were already installed.
  • A 3.5″ enclosure can hold a 3.5″ drive, or a 2.5″ drive. If you have a 3.5″ drive in it then you have to plug in power to power up the drive.
  • If you have a 2.5″ drive then you may be able to power it from the USB port.
  • Installing the drive is straightforward. You open the enclosure, connect the drive to the interface board, probably fasten the drive to the enclosure in some way, and close up the enclosure again. Be careful not to zap the interface board or the hard drive board – static can destroy either.

How to Perform Mac External Hard Drive Data Recovery

“I have a 1TB external hard drive from which I deleted all the folders accidentally. I currently have a Mac with me, is there a way to recover back the data from this external hard drive by connecting it to my Mac or something? Any help is appreciated.”

It is certainly possible to recover data from an external hard drive using a Mac. All you have to do is just connect your external hard drive to your Mac and then run an external hard drive recovery on Mac. In the below video you can see how to recover data from an external hard drive on Mac using a Mac external hard drive data recovery software:

This above used software is one of the most widely used applications to recover data from an external hard drive on Mac OS. It can recover all your data in just a few mouse clicks and can also recover data from all hard drive brands. An external hard drive usually comes with a large storage space and can let you save enormous amounts of data in its memory. The data that you save on its memory can be retained by the hard drive until the user manually deletes it from the hard drive. The deletion of data from a hard drive need not be performed by the user. The data can also be lost from it as a result of hard drive corruption or physical damage.

The most recommended way of protecting your data that is saved on your external drive is by having a backup created at regular periods of time. It is very crucial to not have the backed up copy saved on the hard drive but rather have it saved to a different physical drive. By having a backup, you are assured of getting back access to your data again by just restoring the lost data.

But however, there are others who never create a backup for their data that is saved in an external drive. During data loss scenarios, such users run into heavy loss and regrets but however, with the above software even a user who carries no backup whatsoever, can be able to recover back all his data from an external hard drive.

Using the above external hard drive recovery software for Mac, you just have to connect your external hard drive to your Mac and run the software on your drive. The software just requires a few minutes to recover back the data from it which was lost or deleted.

One of the most common mistakes performed by the user after losing or deleting data from his external drive is writing new data onto the drives memory. One must know that all his lost or deleted data from an external hard drive still remains in its memory and by using a software, one can easily perform an external hard drive recovery on Mac. However, when new data is written to the drive, it usually overwrites the previous data that was deleted or lost from it and you end up overwriting the data that you were looking to recover. Once your data is overwritten, you cannot recover it back again and it is lost permanently. So, it becomes highly necessary to not use the external hard drive after data loss and get the above software and perform a full external hard drive recovery on Mac before it’s too late.

9 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Windows 10

Windows 10Microsoft has consistently remained one of leading firms in developing system software. It has huge market share, and most of the individuals and big organisations prefer Windows OS compared to any other available operating systems. Every time Microsoft came up with several latest and upgraded versions, which is why it has obtained such a large popularity in the whole world. After Windows 8, one of the most advanced version that has recently released by Microsoft is Windows 10.

Soon after the release of Windows 10, most of the computer users have started moving to this latest version. MS Windows 10 has an impressive Start Menu, in which both Windows 7’s and 8’s start button features have been added. The smart start button, which you had with Windows 7 OS is back now. Soon or later, Windows 10 will be a thriving version over its earlier ones. Lots of new developments have been made for this latest version. One exceptional thing regarding Windows 10 is the way it deals with the virtual desktops is really incredible. It allows the user to set up a series of tasks and windows on desktop, for emails and Twitter you’d get a separate window, and furthermore a third window you’d be getting for Web browsing and research. Adding to all these, there are immense number of other features which would definitely attract you to get started with this latest edition. Let’s begin to explore some more trendy features that have been encompassed in Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft Edge:

With Windows 10 installed on your PC, you are now able to write directly on your webpage with Web Note, after which the written notes can be directly shared with others. The new web browser i.e. Microsoft Edge allows you to do so.  It’s really quite simple and has attracted millions of Windows 10 users. You can make comments on the webpage and share it via email, Twitter, and the notes can be saved in Microsoft OneNote.

What Cortana Is?

Cortana is nothing but an ingenious personal assistant. This remarkable app will allow you to find things on your PC. Apart from that, it helps you to manage the calendar, search files, and navigate packages. What else you need, it chats with you as well, and even tell jokes. A microphone icon in Cortana will allow you to make voice commands. However, you require a mic for using this voice command option. Well, you will be able to work with Cortana by typing and it is facilitated with all the Windows 10 PCs. Try this shortcuts (Win + Q or Win + S), if you want to open Cortana with your keyboard. They are the new shortcuts implemented solely in Windows 10.

A Recycle Bin Shortcut on Start Menu:

It really sounds great. You are now able to pin the Recycle Bin on your Windows Start Menu. Yes, it is that place where all the deleted files are dumped. As you know the files deleted from any location of hard drive goes to this folder. A Recycle Bin on Start Menu will allow easy recovery of recently deleted files. And whenever needed, you could restore them back. Well, restoring permanently deleted files is not possible yet. For that, you are still required to take the assistance of an appropriate and powerful third party hard drive file recovery utility.

Fully Fledged Action Center:   

Windows 10 has an Action Center which is almost new with it. It is an integrated location for almost all system notifications and instant access for most settings. It is quite customizable and is present in the taskbar. Quick actions is a most convenient feature of Action Center, from here you are now able to adjust your screen brightness quickly and easily, it enables you to turn Wi-Fi on or off, and do lot of other stuffs.

Ctrl + V now works with Command Prompt:

Command Prompt has now been updated to larger extent. You can now copy the text and paste it directly in Command Prompt window. The combination keys, Ctrl + V can be used here to paste the text. This functionality wasn’t there on earlier versions, however it is available now in Windows 10. Not just this, the updated Command Prompt allows you to do a lot more.

Bio-metric Locking:

Your credentials and confidential data stored in Windows 10 is more secure and safer now. The new Windows 10 version has this excellent option. Safeguard your data by giving your fingerprint details. The technology was first introduced in iPhone 5s and now it has been made available in Windows 10. A fingerprint sensor is of course needed if you want to make use of this option.

Speedy and Responsive Apps:

Microsoft has introduced modern e-mail and calendar apps. They really do better as compared with Windows 8. The Windows 10 apps are pretty quick and responsive. New apps enthusiastically shift interfaces appropriately into the windows of almost all shapes and size.

Power Saver:

Windows 10 is now equipped with power saver facility. For instance, if you have a laptop which is battery powered then Windows 10 will smartly optimize background services and unnecessary apps will be automatically closed. So that, you can optimistically utilise all the available power in the battery.

Not just limited to these, there are tons of other eye catchy features Windows 10 includes. If you want to explore more about it, then do have a look over this page. It gives you more precise information on the latest and fantastically designed Windows 10 OS.

Outlook OST to PST Conversion Software

Microsoft Outlook is an email application which is used to manage emails online as well as offline in effective way. In Outlook you have stored the data in the Offline Storage Table (OST) and Personal Storage Table (PST) and manage various email attributes such as appointments, contact details, schedule, task, etc. OST file offers users to work on emails offline when the server connection is recovered and it’s synchronized with server, so that entire modifications are updated to the server.

However, sometimes there is an interruption occurs due to power failure, network inaccessibility, etc. when working with emails on Outlook. At this time you may think that OST file get corrupted and start worrying about how to convert OST to PST conversion and recover various attributes from storage table. However, here is the best solution of OST to PST conversion with the help of OST PST Conversion tool. This tool is capable to repair corrupted OST file and recover the loss attributes from OST table as well as PST table.

Common scenarios which leads to OST file corruption:

  • Outlook Application Failure: Sometimes, when you working with emails on Outlook online, as their more chance of Outlook application infected by  malware infection which can leads to file corruption and you won’t able to access Outlook attributes from storage table.
  • Improper Termination: An abrupt termination of Outlook application due to abrupt shutdown of system or network failure when you working with email online on Outlook, as an outcome of this file becomes corrupted or inaccessible.
  • Synchronized Error: OST Data file automatically synchronized when the server mailbox is connected to the network and all the modification made in offline mode. During this process an interruption occurs which may cause a synchronized error messages. These errors messages can lead to OST Outlook data file corruption.
  • Outlook Freezing:OST file of MS Outlook sometime gets corrupted due to repeated freezing of MS Outlook. When Outlook freeze up, none of the activities can’t be carried out over it and thus user has no option then to forcefully close Outlook.

If you want to overcome and convert OST to PST file under these irrespective reasons behind the corruption of Outlook OST file, then you can make use of OST PST Conversion software to conversion OST PST and able to access attributes from Outlook storage table.

Significant Features of OST PST Conversion Tool:

OST PST Conversion is the most suggested tool to convert OST to PST file without any difficulties. This tool has got effective algorithm which is capable to perform OST PST conversion with a greater ease. It has the ability to repair OST files as well as PST files and recover various attributes such as contacts, calendar details, schedule, date, task, and many more without any difficulties. This utility provides a preview option to view the converted Outlook OST files before saving them to a desired location. This application is capable enough to fixed OST files on various version of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. This software has compatible with multiple version of Window OS X including Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista or XP, Window Server 2003 or 2008, and so on.

Perfect Solution to Recover Files from Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 OS is produced by Microsoft make use of on personal in addition to portable devices which is the most powerful and the latest release in the Windows operating process that includes business, home desktops, Tablets, Laptops etc. Microsoft is gradually growing with effective OS versions. In these days many people utilize Windows 8 process as their program of working. At the same time, you also face a worry of how to recuperate lost files with Windows 8? Have you observe losing any of one’s valuable files by Windows 8? Have you ever emptied the Recycle Bin accidentally in addition to lost your important files? Faced the issue of corruption concerns on Windows 8? Have you ever formatted or deleted the files in the Windows 8 unintentionally?

Even though Windows 8 main system has come up with more state-of-the-art functionalities and solid security, loss of data is quiet common which can be faced by each user. Under such circumstances the most important thought coming on your mind would surely about the Windows 8 File Recovery software. Now after that you do with these scenarios, don’t worries in this post will give which you best solution which allows you to restore files upon Windows 8 process easily and effectively. Before knowing about the recovery solution to solve the problems, first let us know about the cause for loss of files from this Windows 8 process.

Possible Reasons behind File Loss from Microsoft Windows 8 System:

  • Damaged partition structure.
  • Hardware and computer software malfunction.
  • Presence of bad sectors for the drive.
  • Unexpected shut down of the system on account of power failure.
  • Virus invasion.
  • Formatting/reformatting the Microsoft windows 8 partitions.
  • Accidental deletion of files by drive and Recycle Bin.
  • Deletion by using Shift + Delete keys.
  • Reinstallation of the Windows operating system.
  • Resized, recreating the partitions in the Windows 8.
  • Wiping the files by using third party data file eraser utility.

Unique Features of Windows 8 File Recovery Tool:

  • It is the perfect solution to recover lost files from Windows 8 within a fraction of few minutes.
  • Windows 8 File Recovery software allows you to restore files by many brands of hard drive including Kingston, Hitachi, Sony, Samsung, Western Digital, etc.
  • Also you can certainly recover lost data from memory flash cards, external hard disks, pen drives, iPod and also other storage drives.
  • This recovery tool can perform Windows 8 Recycle Bin file recovery and restores all the files from Recycle Bin with ease.

Some Important Tips to Avoid File Loss from Windows 8:

  • If you experience any trouble from the hard disk like clicking sound, sudden system restart, system freeze, etc then do not avoid those warnings.
  • Defragment your hard drive on regular basis.
  • Keep back up of important data.
  • Always make sure, not to utilize drive after any data loss.

Best Tool to Restore CF Card Files on Windows 8

Compact Flash or CF card is a type of memory card which is used as a mass storage component in various multimedia devices. It is used to store different types of files like photos, videos, music, and other multimedia files of your choice. Sometimes while accessing the data of CF card on your Windows 8 system, user might encounter some unwanted problems due to which the data gets corrupted and become inaccessible. In such situations, instead of getting panic you should try to get a perfect solution for this problem. Hence, you can use Windows 8 Data Recovery software which is a reliable tool for perfect data recovery from CF card for Windows 8.

This software is specially designed by group of experts which helps to recover CF card data on Windows 8 quite quickly and easily within few easy steps. Its advance scanning algorithm helps user to scan entire CF card to recover data including some popular file extensions like TIFF,GIF,BMP, JPEG,JPG,MIDI, MPEG,MPG, MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV,M4A, MOV,M4V, 3G2, AMR, AIF , AIFF, etc. on the basis of their unique signatures. Apart from that, you can use this software to recover data even from corrupted or crashed hard drive and external hard drive with quite comfortably.

Some of the scenarios which can ends up with the process to recovering data from CF card for Windows 8 are as follows:

  • Accidental Deletion: By using deletion method, you can easily get rid of all the unwanted files from your CF card on your Windows 8 system. You can delete any of the file by two ways; either by applying simply delete command or by using combination key i.e. shift + delete. So, if you apply the former way then you can recover any file manually. But, if accidentally you apply shift + delete then you can lose the file and can’t recover it without using any recovery tool.
  • CF Card Corruption: By using same CF card on different multimedia devices can lead to corruption of file system in CF card. This result into inaccessibility of all the data stored in it.
  • Abrupt Interruption: It’s often happen that while transferring some data from Windows 8 system to CF card user may encounter some unwanted and unexpected issues like unplugging or abrupt removal of CF card from card reader. This will ultimately affect entire data stored on CF card and can corrupt or delete it.
  • Using Third Party Software: While making use of unreliable third party tool for any specific purpose say data recovery in this case. So, if you are using any unreliable or untrusted recovery tool, you may get damaged or corrupted data after recovery of data from CF card.

Windows 8 Data Recovery software is used to recover data from CF card on Windows 8 operating system. It’s read only application, easy user interface and  effective solution that can recover digital RAW files supported by various brands of  camcorder  and digital camera manufacturers like  Canon, Panasonic, Kodak, Nikon,  Sony, etc. In addition, you can perform USB drive data recovery on Windows 8 computer with great ease.

Apart from that, Windows 8 Recovery software use to accomplish recovery from other memory card types like SD card, SDHC, XD, SDXC, etc. On the other hand, it also supports different manufacturing brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, and Kingston etc. This software also helps you to retrieve lost files from Windows 8 FAT or NTFS file system. This software also enables its user to perform CF card recovery on other versions Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, etc.

Simple Way of Repairing MOV File

“I am using Windows system. I have tried to open my MOV files using VLC media player but it doesn’t play my MOV file properly. I don’t know the reason why it refuses to play my MOV file and later I understood my MOV file may get damaged or corrupted. Now I wish to fix MOV file without missing a single file. Can anyone assist some other effective software to repair my corrupted MOV files? Thanks.”

MOV is the QuickTime File Format (QTFF) owned by Apple.Inc that specifies a container file which contains number of tracks, each of which supplies audio and video effects. This multimedia container contains a reference of digitally-encoded media stream which are placed in another file. Normally, tracks consisting of objects called atoms which are maintained in a hierarchical data structure which is more preferable file format due to this share and transfer ability. In spite of those advantages MOV files may get corrupted by various reasons such as storage device corruption, failure of converting MOV file to another format, Usage of unsupported video player utility, etc. which may result in inability to read MOV file by any media player utility.

In such a situation, you may be thinking of how to fix MOV video file?  You can utilize the powerful MOV repair tool named Fix MOV Software which can fix MOV file by using its exclusive repairing mechanisms that helps you to perform MOV repair within a short duration effectively.

Some Possible Reasons behind MOV file Corruption:

Abrupt File Transfer Termination: Sometimes, while playing MOV file some interruption may take place like abrupt system shutdown or unexpected power failure which result in header file structure or bit pattern of MOV file damage.

File Format Conversion: In order to achieve compatibility of video file for uploading purpose via mobile phone, you may convert your MOV file format using some unrecognized video file converter utility. This improper file format conversion may corrupt MOV file severely.

Recovery Process Failure: You may utilize some unreliable media file recovery software to get back your lost or deleted video files. After recovery process video file may not be rescued completely which result in unplayable video file.

Unsupported Media Player Usage: If you are playing MOV file by using some unsupported media player other than QuickTime which makes the file part inaccessible.

Whatever may be the reasons behind MOV file corruption, you can prevent MOV file corruption by taking backup of your important MOV file regularly. If you forgot to do this, don’t worry…!!  You can fix MOV file with the help of Fix MOV software without any difficulty because it can successfully run on all the latest Mac and Windows systems.

Why MOV Repair Tool preferred?

  • This tool can process the data stream combination of MOV file like video and audio stream separately and attach them to produce playable MOV file.
  • Corrupted MOV and MP4 files which are not playable on QuickTime can be repaired using this smarter tool.
  • After repairing process completion, this tool allows you to preview your repaired MOV file for your satisfaction in a free demo version itself.
  • You can easily fix MOV file as well as MP4 files which are large in size.
  • It supports only 64-bit Mac OS versions like Yosemite and Mountain Lion. Also supports Windows versions such as Windows 8 and Windows 7.
  • It desires minimum hardware requirements for installation i.e. you need free disk space about 50 MB and 1GB RAM.

Software to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 7

“Is there a way to recover data from a deleted partition on my Windows 7 OS? I accidentally deleted a partition and I don’t have any backup for it. It had songs, pictures, videos, word files and lots of other files which I want to get back in its original form. Can this be performed on my hard drive?”

Certainly possible! All your data from a deleted partition can be recovered and saved back on your computer by making use of an application that recovers a deleted partition on Windows 7. It is usually called a deleted partition recovery software and this video shows you how to recover data from deleted partition in Windows 7 using a partition recovery software.

On a Windows 7 run OS, a hard drive can have any number of partitions. Partitions are generally created by the user to save data or distribute data accordingly. A partition is allocated a specific size up to which it can save data in it. A partition can save any types of files in it until it runs out of storage space. These partitions on a hard drive are like storage carriers to the hard drive. These partitions can sometimes get corrupt and lose data from it. To overcome such scenarios, it is highly necessary to have a backup for all the partitions that are present on your hard drive.

Partitions can lose data due to viruses as well. Sometimes they can lose data even due to accidental format that result in losing the entire data off the partition. Apart from these causes, a user might also end up deleting his/her partition. This can again lead to deletion of all data from the partition and if the partition had no backup then it might turn out to be a disaster.

Nevertheless, you now don’t have to worry if you end up losing data from your hard drive due to deletion of partition on Windows 7. With the above used software, you can effortlessly get data back from deleted partition on Windows 7 or any version of Windows.

When a user deletes his entire partition off from his hard drive, the data will not be permanently deleted or erased off from the drive. This data remains there in the memory even after the partition has been deleted. Yes, this data can be easily removed out from the memory only if you employ a deleted partition recovery software on your Windows 7.

However, this data corresponding to the deleted partition will remain on your hard drive as long as it is not overwritten by new data in the memory. One has to take utmost care to see to that no new data is written to the hard drive to prevent data overwrite because once your data gets overwritten it cannot be retrieved again. So, to successfully get data back from deleted partition on Windows 7, none of the deleted data should be overwritten.

Features of this Deleted Partition Recovery Software for Windows 7:

  • It can recover files of all types from your deleted partition on Windows 7 as this is the only application that identifies over hundred different file types while performing a recovery. This increases the chances of your file being seen by this software as well.
  • It recovers the data in a quick possible time.
  • All your recovered data can be saved to any folder of your choice after the software completes the recovery.
  • All the data from your deleted partition is recovered as a whole and in the original form.
  • It comes with a simple user interface that is easy to navigate and recover data from deleted partition on Windows 7.