Recover Data from Android after Factory Reset

Factory reset is a full restore of an electronic device like Android Smartphone to its factory settings. Factory reset entails deleting of all the files stored in the device. It is essentially the same as reformatting the hard drive. This process of factory reset might become necessary on the device that no longer works. Many issues with the handheld such as freezing can be resolved by performing the factory reset. But while performing this factory reset process, you must be cautious enough as it can delete all the files stored on it.

Do you know what happened when you do factory reset on Android device? After executing factory reset on the Android device, it wipes all the files off the internal storage of the device and then returns to its default factory settings. This in turn deletes all the files such as contacts, messages, call logs, music files, documents, photos, videos and other files that is stored on the Android phone.

When you come across such instances of data loss due to factory reset on Android Smartphone then how would you recover those files? Do you know which application must be applied to resolve data loss issues from Android that is causes due to factory reset? Well, there is no need to get worried at all. Nowadays, technology has improved a lot and you get an ultimate solution on recovery of data from Android factory reset with the help of the reliable third party software named as Android recovery. If you are interested to gain complete information on how to recover data from Android after factory reset then follow this page- .

Now let us learn what are the factors that results in loss of data from Android due to factory reset. Assume one of the scenario like you had collected large number of photos, videos and movie files on your Android Smartphone from many years together. All of a sudden you come to know that Android Smartphone starts freezing and you are unable to handle. In order to overcome this issue, you executed a factory reset without even taking the backup of the files. After completion of factory reset on Android you were late to realize about the absence of backup. As you reset the Android, many of the files that you have stored were lost. Sometimes you might accidentally clicked on factory reset button and reset your Android phone to factory settings. On some situation, Android Smartphone may hang or shows error messages where you need to carry out factory reset process. Due to this all the files stored on the Android gets deleted.

Get an ultimate solution to overcome all these issues with the help of this reliable Android recovery software. This utility makes you easy to execute Android data recovery process without facing any sort of complexity. This program supports data recovery on many numbers of Android OS that includes 2.3.x Gingerbread, 2.2 Froyo, 4.1.x Jelly Bean, 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich, etc. Only by following the few simple steps that is provided by this Android recovery tool, you can easily carry out Android data recovery process in a fraction of minutes. Android recovery toolkit has an ability to retrieve data after factory reset on different Windows versions such as Windows server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2010, Windows 2003, etc.