Simple Way of Recovering Data from Micro SD Card

SD card is the portable small storage devices that are mostly used in mobiles, tabs, iPods, camera, etc. Mostly SD cards are used to store and retrieve media files like image files, video files and audio files. Apart from media files SD cards do support many other type of files such as PDF files, documents, apps and many other file types. There are two types of SD cards one is Macro SD card and other is micro SD card. There are many featured brands that are manufacturing SD cards such as Transcend, Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, Panasonic, Lexar, Fujifilm, etc.

sd_card_recoveryDespite of the advanced features of the SD card there are chances of loss or deletion of files from it. Suppose some important media files are stored in the SD card and due to any problem all those files are deleted. Whenever important files are lost from any storage device then it will be a frustrating moment for you. So you will try to find the way to recover data from micro SD card Mac, but manual way is not available to recover. Data recovery from micro SD card Mac is possible by opting for effective recovering third party tool.

Scenarios that is responsible for deletion or loss of files from micro SD card:

Accidental format: In storage devices there will be an option to delete all the files in a single click called “Format”. This option is used when there is no useful data in the storage device. If you select format option click ok button unintentionally, then all the important files that are stored in the SD card will be lost.

Improper handling: Since the SD card are portable, mostly SD cards are inserted and removed again and again from many devices. Due to this there are chances of SD card getting physically damages and leads to loss of files from SD card. Even physical damage may happen due to improper handling of SD card.

Virus infection: There are more chances of corruption of SD card because it is portable and will be inserting the SD card in many devices to transfer files. So if the device has virus in it then there are chances of virus getting inside the SD card. So virus may lead to loss of files present in the SD card.

If your files from SD card get deleted due to any of the above cited reason, then you simply make use of Micro SD Card Recovery Tool. This software is very effective and it is used throughout the world and received excellent results from many experts.

Significant features of Micro SD Card Recovery Tool:

  • Micro SD Card Recovery Tool has user friendly interface that makes the users to recover deleted and lost files in easy and with few simple steps.
  • This software is applicable for different versions Windows (Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc) and Mac (Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard).
  • Save Recovery Session the unique feature of this software. You can save the scanned information of deleted or lost files from SD card and there will be no need to rescan again.
  • Demo version is available to check the working of this software.
  • 24*7 technical support team is available.